How to sell yourself inside your company

Even the newest SDRs can level up by being more thoughtful about how they promote themselves within their organisation. Gruff Walton from Xactly shows us how.

Back in October, we staged another of our exclusive SDR-only events, in partnership with Venatrix. Every talk at this event was aimed at helping SDRs be as good as they can be, bringing value to the 100+ SDRs in the audience. Based on these talks, we’ve put together some articles. Even if you couldn’t be with us at the event, you can still get inspired.

Gruff Walton

We were thrilled to finally get Gruff Walton to speak at one of our SDR events. He is one of the stars of the game right now. Since starting as an SDR at Xactly in April 2018, his rise has been nothing short of meteoric. Three promotions later and Gruff is Xactly’s EMEA Manager for Sales Development. Gruff was #2 in our Best SDR in the UK awards in 2019, but went one better to win Xactly’s SDR of the year prize.

The secret to Gruff’s success? Internal selling. It’s as much down to the way he sells himself inside his company, as the way he sells Xactly to his prospects. During his talk, he explained how he does it and how you can do it too.

‘Internal selling for me is building people’s confidence in you. It’s the way people see you in the office, as a person, as an individual and as a contributor.’

When you work on your internal selling, you’ll notice improvements in two areas.

1 — Progression

Most SDRs, while they love their job, don’t want to be an SDR forever. They want to progress into a role where they close deals rather than open them, or they want to move into management. An excellent way to speed up this process is to spend time with the more experienced salespeople in your team. Get to know them, watch what they do and ask them for feedback on your performance.

‘As an SDR, you need to always ask for feedback. ‘How did I do on this?’ ‘Is this opportunity any good?’

Then, once you’ve got your feedback, it’s up to you how you deal with it. Remember that these more experienced salespeople have probably done your job before. They’ve got the insight that can help you progress. Take it all on board.

2 — Performance

If you’re going to hit your quota time after time, your performance has to be consistently high. One thing SDRs can do to get better at selling is treating your AEs like you would a prospect, with the product being you!

When you pass an opportunity across, demonstrate to your AE the value of what you did. Sell the opportunity to them. Be super clear about the context of the conversation, why they are looking to speak with you, why it’s relevant. Give your AE a base that they can build on.

‘In my experience, if you’re doing these kinds of things, your AEs will be scratching your back a bit more.’

Over to you

Thanks to Gruff for sharing his tips on internal selling. Now, we want to know what you think.

What do you do in your company to make sure your name is always front of mind? Does it work?

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