How to harness your team’s belief

Last month, we staged our first Sales Confidence live event in Central London. We were privileged to hear some of the best sales Founders and leaders in the SaaS industry speak. The nuggets of insight and advice we received were invaluable, and everyone left buzzing with ideas. Based on the talks at the event, we’ve put together the Sales Confidence Skills Series. Even if you couldn’t make it, you can still share in the knowledge.

Any questions?

After our guests had finished their talks, it was question time. You can read our panel’s answers to a question about speeding up the SaaS sales process Here. Our last question came from Josh.

‘A couple of you have talked about belief, I was wondering how you harness belief amongst your teams.’

It’s a great question. We’re told how important it is to get your teams to believe in themselves, and in the company, but how do you translate that into sales? Here’s what our panel of sales leaders had to say.

Neil Ryland

Neil Ryland, CRO at Peakon, kicked things off. He’d already talked about how a sales leader needs to inspire belief, especially in their company. You can read about it here.

‘You need to remind people every single day about the mission we’re trying to accomplish. It’s about the opportunity. If we build this company, everyone in the world will know who Peakon is. Keep that fact about why you’re doing what you’re doing.’

If you’ve built a team that is subscribed to the end goal, to harness that belief, you appeal to their sense of a greater good. After that, they’ll go out and do the business.

Neil also highlighted the importance of good communication between the leader and the team, and the effectiveness of using your customers to motivate the sales team.

‘When you get your customers to come in and talk about how their work has been transformed by the technology that you placed with them. That’s incredibly inspiring. Your sales team will want to get back and smash their bonus!’

James Ski

I couldn’t resist offering an answer to this one myself. I believe that belief and confidence are built over time, and it’s important to celebrate the small wins as well as the big vision.

‘If targets are so high, that you miss them month in month out, your confidence goes down, and your belief in what you’re doing goes down as well. There needs to be achievable, bitesize aspects to the journey.’

Make your team believe they are near a milestone, and you’ll get that push that helps you reach it.

Chris Tottman

Christ Tottman, Partner at the VC firm Notion Capital, had this to say.

‘There’s no drug like winning in business.’

Essentially, the more you sell, the bigger and better the company gets.

‘More engineers, more product people, more salespeople, more marketing people…’

If salespeople can realise that their work is driving the company, and is the real catalyst for growth. They’ll be even more inspired to do their best work.

Simon Kelly

Simon, who had also talked earlier about belief (you can read about it here) talked about how salespeople are actually motivated by more than money.

‘With the sales guys I’ve worked with, it’s not the financial rewards, it’s about making an impact. You have one sales career, what are you going to do with it? Do something you can talk to your grandchildren about.’

If you can make your team understand the impact they can make on an industry, they’ll be motivated to sell to the best of their ability. The bonuses are, well, a bonus.

The final word

There’s no one answer to this question, and it’s true that different teams and different people are motivated by different things. However, most salespeople want to do good work, to believe that their work is more than just numbers on a spreadsheet. If you can make them see this opportunity, they can’t help but react positively.

Over to you now. How do you harness your team’s belief? What inspires you every day to give it your all? Leave us a comment down below.

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