How to get your whole company to love the sales team

The best way to make your company aware of the value of your sales team is to get them involved. A sales leader from Onfido shows us how.

Last month we staged our 4th Sales Confidence live event at the Salesforce Tower in London. 100 SaaS devotees gathered to hear 4 of London’s most knowledgeable founders and sales leaders share their secrets. If you couldn’t make it, we’re producing a series of articles covering all the talks, so you can still share in the knowledge.

Our last speaker was Jennifer Bers. Jennifer is VP of Sales at Onfido, a software company that helps enterprise businesses verify people’s identities. Jennifer identified that sales teams often have a difficult reputation within a company, despite their obvious value. Luckily, she has a solution.


As I have said many times in my articles, sales is the lifeblood of any company. Without a sales operation, you don’t really have a business! However, in many companies, the sales team is kept at arm’s length by other departments within the company. Jennifer identified why.

‘Often sales is looked at as quite discrete. Often we’re kind of resented. Everyone thinks we just run around all day high-fiving each other! They don’t realise how much goes into what we do.’

Jennifer then shared what they did at Onfido to change this view.

How the deal was don

They decided to send out a company-wide email after closing a deal, entitled ‘How the deal was done.’

‘The challenge, as you scale, is infusing a sense of excitement throughout the company. So, one of the things that we do is, after every single deal, is send out a ‘How the deal was done’ email to the entire company. At the end of the quarter it becomes quite an avalanche, but we give out all the details!’

Here’s what Jennifer included in the email

  • Value of the sale, length of contract
  • Time it took to do the deal
  • Interesting anecdotes about the deal process. Did we do anything creative?
  • Thank yous. Most importantly, shouts out to staff members from other departments who have helped with the sales process. (eg. Legal, IT support)


‘Thank you to Julia in Product who stayed up all night to reconfigure something for us!’

What’s important is that the email acknowledges that while sales teams get the credit for bringing in revenue, it’s a company-wide team effort.

Big success

The ‘How the deal was done’ email turned out to be a huge success at Onfido. People in the company loved reading it, and they especially loved seeing their names in the ‘thank yous’ section. In fact, people would get nervous if they didn’t see an email for a while!

It’s also important to mention that within the sales team, in private, when deals fell down somewhere, they spent a lot of time analysing ‘How the deal was lost’. In private sales meetings, the team would pick apart what went wrong and what could’ve been done better. It’s important that salespeople are honest and learn from their mistakes, as well as being humble.

Think different

Your sales team is essential to the success of your company, but to improve workplace culture sometimes you need to think differently.

How about you? What have you done in your sales team to spread the word about the great work you do? Let the Sales Confidence community know by leaving a comment.

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