How to get your current staff to help you recruit

There are so many benefits to having your staff recommend available roles to their network. DocuSign’s expert recruiter shows us how to get it right.

In June we staged our first Sales Confidence conference at HereEast, in London’s Olympic Park. We called it SaaSGrowth2018. We had over 200 SaaS professionals in the audience, watching more than 30 of London’s foremost SaaS experts share their knowledge. Even if you couldn’t make it, we want to share the inspiration and education with you through our SaaSGrowth2018 articles.

Carleen Boyle

‘How to hire, onboard, coach and develop successful sales teams’ was the title of one of the afternoon sessions. We were excited to welcome 6 hiring experts to the SaaSGrowth stage to talk about how they mould teams for success.

We were lucky to have a double-act on stage for one talk in this session, Jacqueline De Gernier and Carleen Boyle from DocuSign. Jacqui is VP of Sales and a long-time friend of Sales Confidence. Carleen is their Senior Recruiter for EMEA.

Carleen talked to us about why it’s optimal for employees to refer open positions to their network.

Better employees

At DocuSign, they find that people who join through employee referral are of a higher quality.

‘You need to have this in your recruiter toolkit. Within DocuSign, employee referrals give us a higher-quality hire. They ramp up much more quickly. They perform better. They stay longer.’

From a financial point of view, hiring through employee referrals saves you the expense of paying recruiters’ commissions. It’s a double benefit. It’s no wonder that at DocuSign, 38% of hires come from an employee’s referral. So, how does Carleen do it?

Involve senior leaders

By virtue of their experience, Senior leaders will probably have an extensive network. If you can encourage the top leaders to put the word out about available positions, it’s very likely it will uncover some applicants. In the age of LinkedIn, one post could easily find the person you’re looking for. Any post from a senior leader comes with added credibility.

Unfortunately, these leaders are often busy and may not know the exact nature of the available roles. Carleen recommends getting around this by writing a LinkedIn post for them and asking them to post it out to their network. It saves time and ensures the right message gets out to the world.

‘Here is the open role. Here is the link. Get it out there to your network.’

Lunch and learn

At DocuSign, once they’ve got buy-in from senior leaders, the next step is to get everyone else involved.

Carleen recommends buying enough pizza for everyone in the office, then getting everyone together at lunchtime to talk about open roles and encourage them to spread the world. It works because, well, who can resist free pizza?

‘The first time we tried this at DocuSign, for the price of 10 pizzas, we got 4 hires!’

Over to you

We’d love to know what you think. How do employee referrals work as hires in your organisation? Do you have any more tips for encouraging your team to recommend good people? Let us know in the comments down below.

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