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How to enter Top 50 UK Sales Leaders list – James Isilay, CEO, Cognism


Nazma Qurban Cognism

Nazma Qurban Cognism Sales Confidence

As you aware we are launching the 2nd Annual ‘Top 50 Sales Leaders List’ you can nominate yourself or someone here.

I’ve already had over 200 submissions but I wanted to highlight this amazing example by James Isilay, CEO, Cognism – this is by far the best submission we have seen to date.

Well done. Fingers crossed to Nazma and the Cognism for making this years list.

The below is a word for word quote from James.

My nomination for SaaS Sales Leader (Nazma Qurban)

Nazma joined Cognism as it’s first employee and at that time, she was the sole revenue generator for us. When she joined Cognism we had only 2 clients and less than £2k in MMR (Monthly Recurring Revenue).

Since Cognism was a startup with limited resources, Nazma was tasked to generate revenue and also to generate leads, as our marketing department had not yet developed. Today, because of Nazma’s hard work, leadership and dedication to the business, Cognism is generating £185k in MMR. This year, to date, we have seen a 25% growth in month-on-month revenue. Last year, she generated a 30% month-on-month growth in revenue. Initially, we were selling to SMBs and mid-market companies.

Now Cognism is selling to global businesses. Our sales team is now 15 people, and we have projected to double our current team within 12 months. The correlation between the growth of our sales, and the growth of our headcount, is easy to spot.

Nazma has driven success for our business in a number of key areas. She has built a predictable revenue process. She has introduced a granular metrics system to measure the performance of her team. These metrics are reviewed on a weekly basis.

Nazma runs weekly reports to identify which metrics are below the benchmarks she has set. Using this system has proved very efficient in highlighting where any shortfalls are, meaning that Nazma can close any gaps in performance immediately. Nazma has designed her sales team around the specific specialization of roles, splitting the sales function into Sales Development and Business Development responsibilities. This has been an excellent way of driving growth and sales success.

Nazma provides exceptional leadership for her team. She has hired a team of talented graduates and provided them with outstanding coaching and opportunities for promotion. She gives her staff achievable goals and a clear career path. She has put in place a clear, realistic progression plan, which is a key motivator for employees and has attracted top talent in London to join our team.

She has introduced weekly sales meetings, with the purpose of sharing the successes and challenges of the previous week. Each quarter, she runs a sales camp day for her whole team, to refresh their skills and try out new ones.

Nazma arranges weekly one-to-one coaching for every member of her team. Each fortnight, she holds a sales workshop. The workshops are based on a relevant topic that her staff wish to learn about. Opportunities for advancement and promotion are regularly encouraged. If any team member is struggling with a specific aspect of their job, Nazma goes above and beyond her regular duties to offer additional training and support. She believes that personal growth is essential to a happy and hardworking team.

Of the graduates Nazma has hired, 2 have gone on to be awarded for Top Sales Talent at Sales Confidence. They were both graduates with no experience in sales. On GlassDoor, she has a 5* rating from every member of her team:,18.htm<,18.htm>

Creating a culture of ethical and responsible selling has been very important to Nazma. Her sales philosophy is one of honest selling and always ensuring compliance with regulations. She has promoted an inclusive sales culture, where every team member is valued. Aggressive selling is not permitted at Cognism. Instead, Nazma encourages all her employees to embrace their own approach to work.

Nazma’s ethos is one of diversity and individuality in selling. Often, she caters and tailors training materials to meet the needs of each employee. Cognism was awarded the Top 5th Company to Work For In The UK, ahead of household names such as LinkedIn, Microsoft and Salesforce. As the majority of the UK office is sales, this is a positive reflection of our environment and the happiness of the largest function in our business.

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