How to beat impostor syndrome in sales


Most of us feel out of our depth from time to time, but with our tried-and-tested methods, you can banish that impostor and regain your sales confidence!

‘You can’t close this deal.’ ‘You’re not as good as Dave.’ ‘It’s only a matter of time before they find you out.’ ‘That big deal you closed last month? Pure luck.’

Do you ever hear those voices in your head saying things like these? If you do, you’re not alone. Most of us, even the most successful people in the world, doubt themselves sometimes. It’s impostor syndrome, the feeling that you’re not the real deal, that you’re a fake and fraud.

When impostor syndrome affects you:

  • You don’t want to pick up the phone because you know that the conversation will end up being a disaster
  • You look at the salesperson next to you and wonder why you can’t be as great as they are
  • When you do achieve success, you chalk it up to fluke and don’t celebrate

Eventually, impostor syndrome becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy and your work suffers. It’s no way to be.

However, you can beat impostor syndrome by following our three tips. Let’s go.

1 — Know your stuff

Impostor syndrome makes you feel like you lack the knowledge and skills to become a successful salesperson. So, do everything you can to learn about your industry and business, level up your skills and build your confidence.

Make it your mission to become an expert in your industry. It will help you talk to prospects with credibility and help you offer solutions. It will also make you a better salesperson.

Take time to build up your sales skills. Accept as much coaching from your sales leaders as you can. Read the articles, watch the videos, go to the events. On the Sales Confidence site, you can find it all the information you need.

Absorb it all like a sponge. You’ll soon have more faith in what you can do.

2 — Get others to help you

Impostor syndrome doesn’t discriminate. Everyone has it. When it hits you, acknowledge it and seek help.

Build a network of people who can support you through challenging times. Bring a mentor or a coach on board to help you. Talk to your friends and family. In your team, support each other and celebrate wins, instead of always competing.

However, the best support when your inner impostor is inside your head is the people you have delighted in the past. Build up a collection of testimonials from happy customers. Get them to say what they liked about dealing with you. When you need a shot of confidence, take a look. It works like a dream; plus, they look great on LinkedIn.

3 — Just do it

Sometimes the best way to banish impostor syndrome is to work your way through it. Get back on the horse.

The more you do something, the better you get. Don’t wait for everything to be perfect; that moment never comes. Pick up that phone, or go to that meeting. Do the work.

Aside from your work targets, set personal goals, such as how many calls you will make in an hour. As well as being fun, it gives you a massive rush of confidence when you hit them.

Remember that impostor syndrome is natural. It’s just your brain’s way of reminding you that you have to overcome a challenge. Instead of fearing it, enjoy it. Embrace your impostor.

Over to you

Now, we want to know what you think?

What do you do to banish impostor syndrome? What are your tips for sending that impostor packing?

Let the Sales Confidence community know with a comment below.

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