How The Internet Has Changed Selling | Ollie Russell, Sr. BDM, Deliveroo – Sales Confidence

Hey guys, yeah thanks James for that introduction and thanks for being here. We don’t get hosts b2b events here very often, so having Sales Confidence as one of the first ones it’s brilliant so thanks for all turning up. As James mentioned my name’s Ollie, I work as a business development manager here at Deliveroo, more specifically within the b2b section, we call it delivery for business, really original, and we look after office catering laying out workers, any food to your office comes through us, we offer pretty amazing service. James actually asked me to speak about high velocity sales deals. I had to google that when he first told me, however I went home that night and told my girlfriend I’m speaking about high velocity sales deals and and she looked at me really puzzled, and I thought whatever comes next is either gonna be genius or it’s going to be utter utter garbage. Sure enough it was the second and she said to me, what’s that got to do with erupting volcanoes, and I was just like I don’t know how you made that point, but I think that’s a common thing in sales you’ve got all of this terminology sort of mixing and prompting coming up and and it’s sort of what does that mean to us as individual contributors.

So sales velocity it’s basically how fast your company’s making money, how long does it take to go from being open to close, and how big is it. Basically if you’ve got high sales velocity, loss of revenue and you’re doing it pretty quickly. So sales I think as a profession has changed quite a lot in the last over ten years, whereas before we were going out taking clients for lunches in meetings we held a lot of power as the seller, there is not a lot of information outside of what we told clients. That’s completely changed now so everything is available online, all the information of buying needs to make the decision on whether they want to buy your product or not, if it’s of value, generally like nine times out of ten they don’t really need to speak to self professional as a small medium-sized business, if they’re making a small buying decision. So that means that we as salespeople need to change our approach, and that unfortunately means working a lot closely with our friends in marketing. We need to have that alignment sort of down pat, and in a day to day sort of role and job, that means ensuring that our message flows on from theirs right. So they could be saying we can reduce your cost of whatever by this much and you’re going to the same client okay yeah we can offer you an improvement on X, so the sales message is sort of missed there. What we need to do is with with sales velocity being so high in a lot of SaaS companies we need to make sure that message is transferred away through. And with high velocity sales you’re gonna have so many leads coming through your inbox is going to be so full yeah sort of how do I make sure that I reach all of these these different people but I’m making sure the message is still really personalized and exactly what they need to hear.

What we do here at Deliveroo, I expect a lot of you do as well as, we leverage new technologies to make sure that we’ve got better quality leads also to learn to use acquisition cost. So that means that when a lead comes to me, I’ve got a bunch of different tools that I can use to hit that prospect with exactly the message that I want them to hear, and that’s got to be personalised right, so each individual row within a company, each different industry they all need to be sold to in a different way, they each have a pain point and something that they care about. What we use at delivery there’s a software called ‘yes ware’, that enables us to send our campaigns with three or four touches and you can make that super personalized to each individual role, and each individual industry however that looks.

So I for instance I know I want to go and sell to a law firm, in a law firm the decision maker is maybe the facilities manager and they care about reducing costs. I’ve got a template ready to go that will hit every single one of that theme points and how I can solve it and it’s all a touch of a button. So I’ve written this template once I can send a hundred times and that message timer time again hits the right spot. They come back to me they say Ollie look on I’m a little bit interested, can you send me a bit more info. Again I’ve got a template ready to go to hit exactly what they need, so it’s segmenting your audience into little bite-sized bits, having a message for that audience, and being really efficient with how you get message to them. So it’s you come in, so yeah you come in and I’ve already got you nailed, so I know exactly what you want when you want it I’ve got message that solves it, that message here the problem it solves, I’ve got you straight through the pipeline as quickly as I could possibly getting through and then in terms of like sending contacts out stuff, we use DocuSign super efficient, we’ve streamlined our onboarding as well to make that as quick as possible, so for me as an individual contributor it’s getting that one lead through the pipeline as quickly as I possibly can, and we use a bunch of different technologies to do that.

So my I guess not want to take away from this is have a look at that because if you’re sending individual emails every time with the same sort of information it’s just you’re wasting time and you could be going through those models, and that’s it. 


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