How Technology Makes Lead Management Easy

A key indicator of long-term success for any business is a robust and effective sales pipeline and its ability to consistently grow the business. Growing a business is less about just retaining the customers you have and more about steadily increasing your customer base. And to do that, you have to figure out how to gather new leads and then how to manage those leads in order to transform them into actual sales. Sounds simple, right?

Unfortunately, most companies are not managing those leads in a productive and efficient manner. Instead, they’re managing multiple documents but not making the relevant connections that would lead them to take the leads and transform them more effectively. Relying upon analogue methods of management processes to record customer data and interactions leave it subject to human error; and a lot of it!

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In order to fix this risk of data mismanagement, companies need to set up goals and define metrics in order to showcase what success means to them. As a company grows and the demand for sales increase, it is easy for them to outgrow their current ways of managing their lead data. It is at this point that an investment into a lead management system is of key importance so that the data captured is can better facilitate lead interactions and conversions.

So what else do you need to figure out about leads? This graphic by Danny Wong at SalesForce offers some great ideas.

How Technology Makes Lead Management Easy

Check out the full Salesforce article here.

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