How did Sales Confidence get 100 senior execs in the same room for the SaaSGrowth Summit?

It’s no mean feat to get 100 revenue leaders to spend a whole day with us, but for the SaaSGrowth Summit, we did it. In this article, I’ll tell you how.

On November 22nd, we staged the inaugural SaaSGrowth Summit at the stunning Andaz Hotel in Liverpool Street. Its aim was to help revenue leaders understand more about sales technology and how it can help them accelerate growth. However, we needed to get 100 leaders to buy tickets and come to the summit, or the event would be a damp squib. This was a project that took a great deal of planning and execution, but we succeeded. Here’s how.

A terrific product

The first part of our plan was to create an event that revenue leaders from mid-size and enterprise companies would want to take time out of their schedule to come to.

To achieve this, we switched on our network. Our COO, Lauren Cartigny, reached out to identify the kind of thought leaders that would draw people to our event if we could get them to present. Lauren put together an amazing agenda that included:

· Anthony McPartlin — Research Director at Sirius Decisions. Anthony spoke about how sales tech revs your revenue engine

· Marie MacBain — VP for Research Ops at G2. We were thrilled to have Marie talk about the evolution of the sales intelligence ecosystem

· Chris Duddridge — Area VP at UiPath. Chris and Lauren sat down for a fireside chat about raising the profile of sales operations

We also put together an agenda of shorter talks, where sales practitioners talked about how specific sales technologies had made a difference to growth in their organisations.

Thanks to everyone who spoke at the event.

It was also imperative that we staged the event in luxurious surroundings, with great food and a relaxed ambience. The Andaz Hotel certainly fulfilled that brief!

Targeting the right people

Now that the product was in place, we had to reach the people we wanted to come along. We wanted this event to be exclusive, with decision-makers in the room, limited to only 100. We wanted leaders of sales, marketing, enablement and operations, from mid-size and enterprise companies with sales teams of 25 or more. We wanted people from the worlds of SaaS, tech and telecoms. Now, my network is pretty big, but for this, we would need to cast our net wider.

We decided that an ABM approach using sales tools and cadences would be most effective. So, we leveraged our network to create a list of people we would like to come, with the help of some exceptional sales technology.

We talked to our sponsors, working with their heads of marketing, sales and enablement to build a list of people they would like in the room; their top 100 prospective accounts for Q4 — the people they want to buy their product. Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator for org charts and Cognism to find contact details, we had an exhaustive list. Somewhere in it were our 100 attendees. Now, we just had to find them!

Bloody hard work!

To help us get revenue leaders to purchase tickets for the SaaSGrowth Summit, we enlisted the help of a brilliant outsourced sales team, Air Marketing, based in Exeter. Myself and two of the Sales Confidence team joined Air Marketing at their office, making it six people on six phones.

We used multitouch cadences, through LinkedIn, Cognism and SalesLoft, as well as good old phone and email. The plan was to get people on a call for a 5-minute walkthrough of the summit, then close the deal, all in one call.

Thanks to the hard work of everyone involved, we managed it, with a few days to spare. 100 of the world’s best revenue leaders, in one room, to learn more about the value of sales tech.

What’s next?

The SaaSGrowth Summit was a success because we were able to get these great people in a room. It’s where the real value is. I want to say a big thank you to everyone who helped; far too many people to name in one article!

So, what’s next? Well, the demand for the SaaSGrowth Summit was so high that we want to launch another one in April 2020. There will also be the world’s best conference for sales leaders, #SaaSGrowth2020, on July 9th at Old Billingsgate in Central London. It’s going to be the biggest and best SaaSGrowth yet. We also want to talk to people who accelerate sales growth in other cities around the world.

Stay in touch with Sales Confidence and SaaSGrowth to make sure you’re there.

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