Get ready to learn and be inspired by your peers & Sales Leaders @ #SAASGROWTH2019

We’re pleased to announce the full agenda for #SAASGROWTH 2019 on July 3rd. We tried to pick some top highlights for you not to miss. However, it wasn’t possible this year, because all content has been designed to flow, be high impact, memorable and actionable. Make sure you’re here all day. Do not miss out!

I’m confident in saying there has never been an event like this in London before, where the SaaS sales industry gets together and learns from their peers as well as world-renowned experts. I’m really proud and I can’t wait for you to come and experience it for yourself.

We’ve got two overarching topics for the day, Hypergrowth and Leadership. Whether you are a sales leader with a background in large Tech companies or a Sales leader from the start-up scene; you are all dealing with similar hypergrowth challenges in scaling your sales teams in the UK or across Europe.

Every talk will be packed with value you can use the next day to be a better leader. I’m unbelievably grateful to our speakers who have agreed to share their time, experience and practical advice. Expect innovative insights, real talk and authenticity. Here is a sneak preview:

1. Start-Up to Scale-Up: The journey to a $350m exit

By Jeremy Straker — SVP International, NewVoiceMedia

Jeremy Straker, Sales Confidence’s No1 SaaS Sales Leader, is going to share his journey taking NewVoiceMedia from its humble begins to the moment Vonage acquired it for $350m. Leading a team to a multimillion-dollar exit will be a goal for many people in the room, so it will be fantastic to hear how Jeremy did it.

Jeremy will be explaining the difference between a Start-up and a Scale-up and practical advice on how sales leaders need to adapt their sales strategy accordingly to accelerate growth successfully.

Of course, Jeremy isn’t the only expert sales leader relating their hypergrowth success story at #SAASGrowth. We’ll also be hearing from Neil Ryland from Peakon and Chris Wickson from Akkroo on their experience of managing sales teams through hypergrowth.

2. Do VCs care about sales leaders? — Panel led by Flavia Popescu-Richardson

It’s great to have a panel of VCs at #SAASGROWTH 2019 again. VCs often talk to founders, but sales leaders don’t have much exposure to them. Our panellists will be talking through the life cycle of investing in a company and the impact on the selection and expectations of sales leaders: pre-investment and post-investment. Don’t miss it.

3 — Neuro-diversity: Hiring out-of-the-box thinkers to drive growth — Panel led by Lauren Cartigny

To manage hypergrowth in sales teams and differentiate yourself from your competition, you need to hire talent who can easily adapt to change and consistently innovate. Lauren has assembled a panel of experts in this area, including Dr Helen Taylor, Researcher and Originator of the Theory of Complementary Cognition from the University of Cambridge.

Helen featured on BBC at the end of last year, sharing her research which redefines how we look at dyslexia and other creative ways of thinking. We will be discussing how to hire and manage diverse creative minds to work together, adapt to change and enhance performance.

4 — Renn Vara — Co-Founder, SNP Communications — Bringing it all together: How to think like a founder

Who better to end the day than the Wizard of Silicon Valley? If you don’t know Renn, he has coached founders and senior leaders like leaders Mark Zuckerberg, Sheryl Sandberg, Brian Chesky, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Renn wowed the audience last year and it’ll be fantastic to welcome him back.

In his talk, Renn is going to bring together all the learnings from the entire day and relate it to how you think like a founder. As a sales leader who focuses on revenue and growth, how do you relate to the founder who started the company from scratch and his potential controversial ways?

Trust me. It’s going to be some talk.

#SAASGROWTH is where sales leaders learn from their peers, network and have fun.

Check the full agenda here.

See you there!

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