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So yeah as Alex mentioned I work for a company called Matrixx, now Matrixx we’re a company based out of the US and we are actually selling it to telco operators; we’re helping them become more digital and we are basically helping them provide good customer experience for us, for us millennials, which is a very good and very good thing that I’m doing, it’s very passionate, you know, and over the last 11 months it’s been an incredible journey, so I wanted to share with you a little bit about that journey about how I am actually getting in contact with a lot of the c-levels.

Now when I started my row of Matrixx – and actually big shout out to Tara, because if it wasn’t for Tara I would not be here, Tara help me get this role Matrixx and when Tara came up to me and said look we have a great opportunity for you at Matrixx I was a bit hesitant because the telco industry isn’t the most exciting one, or at least it doesn’t seem like the most exciting one but over the last 11 months I’ve actually discovered that the telco industry rocks okay! We are basically doing the same as the FinTech industry we’re basically doing the same as Revolut and Monzo are doing, and it’s very very exciting. So how do we actually, and one of the things that I’ve said to myself is how do I bring value to my sales team okay, so we have a very large sales team and because of the complexity of the technology that we sell, our sales cycles is about 18 to 24 months okay, now I know that a lot of you here could sell something within a month. So it’s a very different sales cycle but this actually means that we need to be very careful about who we speak to, we need to basically go hand in hand with them for a long period of time, so the sales directors need a lot of support, but different support to what a normal SDR would do. Now how many of you here are targeted on calls or emails that you send out weekly, quite a lot of it okay, so I would the SDR team of Matrixx we’re not targeted on that at all so we just targeted the amount of meetings that we book between our sales directors on our C-levels, and the reason because of that is we we operate in such a complicated market, so we need to basically look at the c-levels and say okay, they’re the industry leaders, I’ve only come by University a year ago, so how do I actually nurture them.

And this is why I wanted to share with you the strategies that I’ve been building over the last 11 months on how to nurture that relationship, how to make them think that you’re the main point of reference okay, so if someone wants to know anything about Matrixx, I want them to come to me okay I don’t want them to go to my sales directors, because I can initiate that conversations for them, and I can actually bring valuable Intel into my sales directors.

So the way we begin this is by doing a planning phase okay, now we have a lot of tools, we have the power of the internet, we have LinkedIn okay. I can find out what every single c-level is doing right now okay. And when I started the job I had about 400 connections, now I’ve got about 2,500 and all of those people are purely c-levels within the telco industry, because what we want to do is build in that work of c-levels where we actually analyze everything they do okay. So if they post an article you want to leverage and you want to use that in order to tailor the approach, okay so if we if we look at an article that they they have posted, and we understand the language we understand we analyze everything they say, we look at the annual reports, we look at what their company are doing and how what are they missing okay, if you need a you selling a solution into a c-level they want to know how can they make money out of it okay, and how is it going to make a difference in the market. So if you understand those things and you understand the language they speak then you will be able to go back and tailor that email in a completely different way, and you’re going to be very unique, and that’s the kind of value that you need to bring as a not more as an SDR but you kind of need to kind of flex out of the comfort zone and become a thought leader, and we can really really do that on LinkedIn. So that LinkedIn is a huge huge tool that we have once we identify the key c-levels we can then dissect them into personas okay, and the most important thing is to actually look at every individual c-level and tailor something to them; use your marketing material, use your collateral use your everything you have, all the tools they have available and tailor them to that persona tailor them to the person that you’re speaking to to the market every single lead is very important when you’re approaching c-levels. Now just because we sell into c-levels only, or well, just because we only put meetings with c-levels, and we only have conversations with them, it doesn’t mean that you don’t go lower down, gather more intelligence, and then go have the conversation with the c-level okay. I can then say okay I know you’re doing this this and this because I’ve actually spoken to your team last week. So all of this it’s kind of a puzzle, you will need to put all of these pieces together, and once you put them all together, that’s how you’re going to develop and tailor that approach okay. so it needs to be kind of a puzzle.

And the next thing I would say is keep on nurturing them okay, so once you have these meetings once you have this powerful network of c-levels, you bring a lot of value to your sales team okay. A lot of these c-levels will sometimes reach out to me and they don’t even reply to my sales guys okay, they just reach out to me and say oh you’re gonna be this event, let’s meet okay. These meetings and your your KPIs are going to fly off because there will be and it’s a lot of hard work at the beginning, in order to do this you need to kind of identify everyone, and you need to know every c-level within the company like the back of your hand okay, so it’s a very hard work but it will pay off because a lot of c-levels are very busy and they actually don’t reply, but their industry leaders they’ve been in this in this industry for years and years and years, that’s how they got to the top. So if you become a thought leader and you give something different, then you are able to actually give yourselves team a very very valuable thing. 

And then finally you keep on nurturing them so what do you just want to speak about your company not at all, okay. You need to use powerful tools such as strategic consultants okay. Send them some market intelligence that you’re seeing, the latest I don’t know, we operate a lot in the 5g world, now I know operators that are going into 5g and I’m gonna leverage that and nurture them with completely different material, I’m not just gonna power them down with matrix software I Debbie one thing that I never do is put my company name okay, I never mentioned on the email and I never mentioned the word sales okay, because that’s how you scare c-levels off sometimes, so you just need to be very very careful. But I think the most valuable thing as an SDR that you can do is step out of the comfort zone like many of these guys have said today, but bring that extra value to your sales team because you’re gonna become very valuable and you’re gonna you’re gonna kind of achieve something that it’s beyond an SDR role okay, and all the account mapping, all the org charts, so everything you can do in order to dissect the personas that you’re speaking to and tailor your approach, that’s going to be hugely beneficial to to your success moving into an account director because you don’t want to skip the small steps and some of my account directors, they don’t know as much detail as I do because I’m just going in deep and using my time to go over the Intel.

So I think that would be my best advice to you guys and you’re in this room, so you’re in sales you’ve already made a good choice okay. Sales is amazing so make the most of it and yeah thank you to James and everyone thank you.

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