Every mistake I have ever made when building teams and what you can learn from the

1 – Focus on dreams, not goals

With your team, instead of talking about goals, listen out for their dreams. Dreams are so
much more powerful than goals because they help you derive meaning from your work.
Contrary to what some people think, working relationships should be personal. So, open up,
talk about the things that really mean something to you. If you want the best for your
people, find out what they want to achieve in their lives, not just in work. Then, you can
help them get there.

2 – Superpowers not competencies

Competency models only serve to put people in boxes. It’s rubbish. Don’t do it. Instead,
focus on superpowers. Hire people for their strengths, not just their lack of weaknesses.
Then, help them achieve more with their strengths rather than try to always plug gaps in
their skillsets.

3 – Don’t try too hard to build a culture

Don’t force your idea on what your culture should be on your team. People love their team,
not necessarily their company. It’s team interactions that keep people going. Your team
yearns for safety, belonging and love. Companies don’t provide that, teams do.

‘It’s all about opening up, sharing, talking about other stuff – not just business.’

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