Could Sales Engagement Grow Your Pipeline?

Would you like a 322% increase in your sales pipeline? Ok I know, who wouldn’t right?! 

For most sales leaders and business owners, the only way of ever reaching significant sales growth is to hire more salespeople. That tends to be the “go-to” solution. The problem is that comes with a very high financial and time cost. Time spent recruiting, time spent training and time spent waiting for them to start achieving.

In the past, the only other option you would have is to invest in sales training.

The problem is this often doesn’t have a huge impact on the results, and unless backed by proper coaching can often fail to deliver any real change.

The future is here though…

No longer are the only options hiring more or training, we are now able to leverage technology to help grow our sales results and businesses.

Look at how technology has impacted other parts of our lives…

Cars are now faster, more effective and efficient than ever before.

Computers do an insane amount more than they used to.

Mobile phones are packed with so many features that we could only ever have dreamed of.

Technology has now become a huge part of the sales world and is helping the profession and industry progress with leaps and bounds. Just look at this example:

One company showed a pipeline growth of 322% after just 1 year of using SalesLoft, a leading sales enablement tool. SalesLoft are actually one of the show partners for the upcoming SAASGrowth Summit in London on the 22nd November 2019. This event has been built purely to help revenue leaders (Sales/Marketing Directors/VP’s/CMO/CSO’s) learn about the latest sales technologies and to help them find the right ones for their businesses and sales teams. 

How do your sales engagement technologies help grow pipelines?

There is a huge variety of tools, software and technologies that perform a variety of different activities to help your sales teams. Some analyse cold calls to provide unbeatable insight and coaching to help salespeople make the best possible calls. Some tools help takeaway time-consuming tasks from salespeople that allow them to invest more time in prospecting and closing. Others prioritise leads to ensure your salespeople are working the ones most likely to convert. The list goes on.

The key is to find the right tools and technologies for your sales team.

Look at the gaps in their process, look at the gaps in their activities, look at where technology could work best for them. A lot of these tools offer demonstrations or trial periods, and most have a large amount of content on offer to help educate you on what they offer and how other companies have utilised it.

Let’s look at the example included in this blog.

Salesloft was implanted by this particular company to great success. It was first used to set the right cadence for the sales team to follow. This alone helped the team book more meetings in the first 2 weeks of using it than the entire previous quarter.

The software was then used within the marketing team to automate and improve communications. After that, the company utilised the analytics gathered to identify optimal duration and number of touches for engagements with prospects.

They were able to find the best days and times to prospect as well as how many attempts should be made to increase conversion of leads. All of this combined led to an increase in pipeline in the first 12 months of 322%.

This would never have been gained without the use of technology, but the impact it made on the team was phenomenal.

So why is it so many sales teams are run the way they used to be run in the past?

Why have so many sales teams failed to evolve? 

Well, change is hard, and just like Blockbuster refused to evolve, many teams out there are still stuck in their old ways of selling. The question you need to ask yourself is do you want to be a Blockbuster or a Netflix?

It’s not easy finding, implementing and embedding new tools and technologies, however, for many sales teams out there, the pros far outweigh the cons. 

Here is my advice…

Don’t fear or resist change, embrace it. Look at the amazing potential that sits within these tools and technologies and seek to find how they could potentially help your business and your sales team. The first place to start is to learn. Learn about what tools are out there, how they help and whether they could potentially help you.

If you are genuinely interested in finding the latest and best technologies out there, I’d highly recommend checking out the SAASGrowth Summit in London coming up in a few weeks. It’s the only event I’ve seen that is purpose-built to help sales and marketing leaders learn about the latest sales technologies out there.

Who knows, it may help connect you with the tools that allow your sales numbers to rocket.

About the author

Daniel Disney

Daniel Disney is one of the world’s leading LinkedIn & Social Selling experts. With over 16 years sales and sales management experience, an audience of over 500,000 LinkedIn followers, £millions generated from social selling and content reaching millions every month, there are few out there who have achieved as much as Daniel has.

Daniel is now on a mission to help as many businesses and salespeople learn how to generate MORE sales with LinkedIn and social selling. Check out what Daniel is up to via his LinkedIn.

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