Coaching a 10 year old in the Art of Cold Calling with Refract

Coaching a 10 year old in the Art of Cold Calling with Refract

Last Friday, I coached 10-year-old Joseph Beales at Refract in the ‘art’ of cold calling, and that same afternoon he hit the phones putting what he learnt into action…

Good news – we filmed it so you can all see how the day unfolded.

(Spoiler alert…he booked 11 meetings!)

We could all learn from this lad – he has the right mindset, he was coachable and willing to learn.

The key ingredients if you want to progress. He was also confident which always helps!

Why coach a child to make cold calls?

Having experienced first hand the speed and impact call coaching had on my sales performance I wanted to see what effect coaching could have on a 10-year-old and his success in cold calling. I was not disappointed.

Joe absolutely nailed it. It turns out cold calling and sales coaching is ‘child’s play’. Watch the video and see why. To find out a little more about Joe and the day, see the first comment.

Joe will be appearing in an upcoming, bonus episode of ‘Coach The Sale’, Refract‘s podcast for sales leaders and coaches.

This was written by by Mark Ackers on Linkedin

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Refract empowers Sales Management to identify and immediately improve, costly mistakes, errors and missed opportunities their sales teams make every day.

In all sectors, providing coaching and feedback are essential to individual and organisational development. Whether in training, learning or on the job performance providing appraisal – praise, ideas and corrective feedback, is key to improving performance. But delivering such feedback effectively is challenging. Refract provides the opportunity to observe, reflect and improve by reviewing tagged video moments through any web-enabled device.

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