Chris Tottman, Partner Notion VC. SaaS Growth Talks

Chris Tottman, Partner Notion VC. SaaS Growth Sales Talks

The following is an extract from SaaS Growth 2018 brought to you by Sales Confidence.

This year the event will again be held at HereEast, Olympic Park on the 20th of June. Get your tickets now before prices rise to £250.

#1 – If you’re thinking of moving to a startup, think carefully

As a VC, Chris sees 2500 companies in order to make 25 investments for his fund. The odds on you moving to a startup that succeeds aren’t good, unless you do your research. Think about the market they’re operating in, the quality of the founder, the timeline for success. Think about the value the customer gets from their product. The more deeply you think about these things and the more moves you make, the more likely you are to ‘jump aboard a rocket ship.’

#2 – Believe in your product

If you can’t believe your product can solve your customers’ problems, chances are they won’t believe it either. Everywhere Laurence had worked before, salespeople had their pipelines drawn out on whiteboards because there wasn’t a CRM that let them view their pipelines in a convenient way. It was easy for Laurence to see that Pipedrive solved that problem and that it was something she could take to the market. If you’re considering joining a startup, belief is essential.

#3 – Diversity in SaaS must improve

In Chris’ industry, only 7% of VCs are women and only 2% of VC money goes to female founders. For an industry that is supposed to be forward-looking, that isn’t good enough. Getting angry about it won’t solve anything. Action needs to be taken at the top of the pipeline. That’s why Chris started FiftyFifty, a series of events that are gender equal for speakers and attendees. Get in touch with Chris and take the FiftyFifty pledge.

About SaaS Growth

SaaSGrowth2019 is a unique London based conference to help companies drive revenue and accelerate sales growth. It has been created by Sales Confidence and Tech London Advocates.

It’s the only conference of its kind for SaaS Founders, Executives, VC’s, Sales Leaders and Sales professionals in the UK.

The focus of the conference is to gain the latest insights on how to drive revenue growth through sales leadership, marketing and sales alignment, and using the latest technologies that will enable you to run these programs at scale.

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