Tell me. Who are the best individual SaaS sales contributors?

Who are the 50 best SaaS individual sales contributors in the UK? Do you know one of them? Maybe you’re one of them? Sales Confidence are on a quest to find the best.


If you’re one of the Sales Confidence community, you have probably seen our famous annual top 50 lists. Maybe you or your organisation have featured in them? We’ve done top sales leaders, we’ve done the best companies to work for. There are more to come.

What’s next?

Sales Confidence is a movement championing the UK SaaS industry. As well as focusing on sales leaders, it’s only natural that we have a look at future leaders in the industry too. So, we’re looking for current sales talent, individuals who are at the top of their game, salespeople who are overachieving against every metric.

It’s time for the Sales Confidence SaaS Individual Sales Contributor List 2019.

We’re looking for Account Executives, Enterprise Relationship Managers, Account Managers. Essentially, we want anyone within a SaaS business who has a quota to reach.

We don’t mind lone wolves, but we mainly want to see sales talent whose impact is felt by everyone in their organisation. We want to be able to look at this list in 5 or 10 years and say that we were right; these people were exceptional.

How do I nominate someone?

The Top 50 SaaS Individual Sales Contributor List is focused on those people that carry their own quota, are overachieving and have made a significant impact in their company. The one everyone knows — the best in the business.

All we need to know is their name, LinkedIn profile and a really short explanation on why you are nominating them.

Anyone can nominate anyone they like to be on the list. Click HERE to make your nomination. Nominations close on August 31st.

How will you decide the winners?

Once all the votes are in, we’ll tally them all up and compile a list of the Top 50 individual sales contributors.

We’ll unveil the Top 50 and announce the winners at our Sales Confidence event on September 18th.

Why are we doing this?

The short answer is last year’s Top 50 SaaS Individual Sales Contributor List was a huge, huge success and shone a big spotlight on the industry. Marie-Helene Mahy from DueDil was a deserving winner.

The longer answer is that we started Sales Confidence to be the voice of the SaaS sales community in the UK. We’re proud of the role we salespeople play in building innovative, disruptive organisations. We’re proud of the role our businesses play in growing the UK economy.

What better way to show our pride than by celebrating the top practitioners in our industry?

Sales is the lifeblood of any company. The SaaS sector is booming. New startups are founded every day. It’s clear that we’ve got some incredible sales talent in our industry. We want to promote these extra-special people, the people at the top as well as up-and-coming talent.

They compile lists like this in other industries, such as the law and media. Why not SaaS sales? We’ve got a lot to shout about. Let’s shout it from the rooftops.

Who could it be?

It’s time to tell us who you think are the 50 best Individual SaaS sales contributors in the UK. Who is that individual who is killing it? Who is the person who inspires everyone?

Maybe there’s someone in your team who is crushing their number and deserves some credit? If they’re destined for great things, the #SCTop50 could be just the start.

Maybe you want to nominate yourself? That’s fine! We’re all about Sales Confidence after all.

I also want to encourage as many nominations as possible for the growing number of female SaaS sales professionals also achieving great results.

Tell me again. How can I nominate someone?

If you’ve decided who you think should be on the #SCTop50 list, it’s time to let us know.

You can find the official nomination form HERE, and we’ll be accepting nominations until August 31st.

We’d love it if you could share your nominations on your social media channels. Use the hashtags #SCTop50 or #SalesConfidenceTop50 to tell your network about the Sales Confidence list.

Being is SaaS sales is something to be proud of. Make sure you celebrate it with Sales Confidence.

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