Be the leader that executes, now more than ever

Be the leader that executes, now more than ever

1 – People don’t execute because it hard

It’s all very well to be strategic, but you also need execution. Execution is a talent in itself.
Leaders that execute operate to clear goals which are communicated well within the
organisation. They measure metrics and run to a timeline. They are accountable and give
their people the tools to succeed. After the execution, they review and iterate for the

2 – Sales intuition is a foundation for success

Layer on your experience, knowledge and sales intuition. Even in the age of data, we need
intuition. Sometimes you have to go with your gut. Your gut will often tell you if the path
you’re about to go down is the right one. Listen to it and train your gut to keep you on the
right track.

3 – Lead by example

Leading by example is crucial to leadership success. It helps you gain the respect of
everyone in the company. When you show that you are willing to get in the trenches and
pull together with the rest of your team, it sets you apart from other leaders who do not
want to pull their sleeves up.

‘When a leader can execute, it empowers the team. It inspires them and gives them
accountability. They’re invested in the main goal.’

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