Are You An Iron Man Sales Pro?

Let’s face facts, Tony Stark is just a normal human being.

Successful, rich and very smart, but still just a human being. However, when he wears his Iron Man suit, then he becomes a superhero.

With his Iron Man suit, he is capable of SO MUCH more.

Allow me to now introduce you to sales in 2019…

Most salespeople out there are simply Tony Starks. Normal people, some successful and some not so successful. What many don’t seem to realize, or have taken advantage of, is the fact that they can each sell with their own sales Iron Man suit!

There is now so much sales technology out there that the true modern sales professional can have their own Iron Man suit and become a sales superhero.

  • Advanced CRM’s
  • Sales Enablement
  • Sales Engagement
  • Revenue Intelligence

Some of the most successful sales teams out there have a purpose-built sales tech stack that is essentially their sales Iron Man suit. A combination of intuitive CRM’s, call listening software, lead priority engagement tools, prospect research enablement tools and many more.

Each day their sales reps suit up and are able to sell in the most effective and efficient way possible, achieving results that they never would have achieved before.

The question is, have YOU built your Iron Man sales suit yet?

Here is what holds a lot of sales leaders and sales reps back:

We can’t afford it…

It’s always ironic when salespeople or sales leaders use the “we can’t afford it” statement when they’ll spend most day’s overcoming that very same objection with their prospects! As we all know it’s a mixture of value and also the perspective that is the true meaning of “we can’t afford it”.

Tackling the value question, it’s worth looking at some of the ROI that sales teams have achieved by using these tools. Some teams achieve enormous growth from using these tools and technologies, very quickly answering the question of value.

Perspective is also key, some companies will roll their eyes at spending money on sales technology, yet waste tonnes of money on things that offer no benefit to the team or business.

Our sales reps won’t use it…

Another common response when a sales leader or sales reps are presented with a new tool. Honestly, if you’re a sales leader and you find yourself saying this you should hang your head in shame!

It is YOUR job as a leader to not only find and provide the best possible tools for your sales team but ALSO to train them and coach them to use it properly and make it part of their routine. If your sales team won’t use the tools you provide (and you’re blaming them, instead of working with them to use them) then it would be no surprise if they aren’t hitting their targets.

There are sales teams all over the world successfully using these tools and achieving amazing results from them. The key is that their leaders work with them to use them properly.

We don’t know what ones to use…

Now, this is one I can understand. There are so many choices out there, well over 5,000 different technologies to be precise! This does make it very challenging to find the right tools for your business and industry.

As with making any choice like this, the key is to see what it is out there. Ideally, you want to find all of the best options for your business and then assess each one. A lot of these tools will have thorough websites full of amazing content and case studies.

It’s this common challenge that inspired Sales Confidence to create the SAASGrowth Summit, an event purely for revenue leaders to come and learn about the sales technologies out there. In London on the 22nd November, a whole host of the best sales technologies out there will be on show, with industry-leading keynotes followed by real-life sales enablement success stories and insights. If you are a sales/marketing leader and want to see how sales enablement could grow your numbers, this is an event well worth attending.

So, don’t miss out. Grab your ticket to the SaaSGrowth Summit today. Click here to find out more.

Live in the past or succeed in the future…

You can keep doing what used to be done in sales, making your sales team make cold call after cold call, or you can leverage these amazing tools and technologies to sell better. Don’t let the fear of change hold you back, embrace these tools and find the ones to help your sales team and your business grow.

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