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Hi everyone, how we doing today? Not much energy in the room but it’s alright!

My name’s Alex Tindall, I thought that I’d start with a quick story as everyone like stories. My topic today by the ways I guess is how to be successful in the workplace. I think everyone is probably starting their journeys right now probably grinding away, working your arse off, and there are certain qualities that I personally believe in that I think if you will find your own personal qualities or things you believe in you can also be successful.

So we’ll take you back to 2003. Does anyone know what special happened in 2003 in Australia? So the first time ever had England we won the World Cup all of us were filled with joy but personally, I think it was massively down to one person in particular; good old Jonny Wilkinson. Also I picked Jonny Wilkinson as I would like to believe that the majority of you in this room know who he is. So Jonny, what you don’t know about Jonny is that he has been so incredibly driven his whole life. Starting from a very young age maybe, eight nine years old he was out there the kicking balls during his lunch time, kicking balls after school, kicking balls so much so that his mum had to force him to come inside in order to eat his tea. That is like that is proper commitment, commitment like that it’s not born from anywhere let’s say – it’s crazy that people like that have clear objectives of what they want to achieve, how they can do it, and they set specific tasks. Like you can look back at publications about Jonny Wilkinson and during the heavy stage of his career are people saying yeah he’s not like that, but you know not the best player and all of this jazz, but I’m sure that every single time you will be down he didn’t get get put down essentially, you just kept driving forward, with the kicking practice that was a continuation to his career. So even when he was playing for England, quite often after a game he’ll get straight back out, get all on the page start kicking 47, 48, 49, absolutely flop it back again starting again from zero. His teammates were furious but the thing is that they had a true belief what he wanted to achieve, and I personally believe that seeing the world cup singers, he decided to desert England.

So I’m going to talk to you about three main qualities that I believe make someone successful, but of course you will find your own.

Before I do that as a way of introduction, my name’s Alex Tindall, I do work at Venatrix. I’ve been there for about three years now and probably placed quite a few of the graduates in this room from and actually helped some of the people actually the sales team now find people, so it’s been quite a fun journey for me, I’ve place well over 200 candidates into SaaS technology roles. I’d like to think I’ve got a pretty good idea of in order to do well.

And so the first thing is numbers. The reality is working in the sales role that you live and you die by your numbers and you can’t go to a business meeting in be all subjective and go, ‘do you know what, how have you done Alex?’, ‘yeah I did alright, I did great, I’m target driven, I’m excellent’, because we all know it’s a load of rubbish you don’t know your figures, and that it’s really not that important. Your numbers should drive every single thing that you do; if you talk to any top performer and you ask them how well they’ve done, what are you doing, what’s in your pipeline, I’m pretty confident they’ll be able to turn around you and give you an exact account of where they’re at, what they’ve got in the pipeline, what they’ve had recently close, and it’s what differentiates people who are good and people who are excellent. So by actually taking the appreciation in your numbers early on and realizing, do you know what, if I work towards these metrics I’m sure every single one of you has got a boss looking over your shoulder, saying how are you doing this month, you’ve really got to start thinking if those numbers are so important to me and you make it your life’s work to be good with the numbers, know what you’re working towards then you’re going to quite quickly see that you actually meet them! – it’s a magical thing. As soon as you actually commit to something, write it down. For example, if you have a target of about 240,000 pounds or do over twelve months you can break that down into 20,000 pounds per month, then you can break it down into calls, and you can break down into meetings, demos, whatever is it do understanding numbers, and work for them, and I can guarantee every single one of you that are going to be more successful.

And the second thing is organisation, and this is something unfortunately I took a long time to learn. I would like to stand up here and tell you that I was so amazing with my organisation, but unfortunately I’m not, and its something I’ve had to learn. It’s a skill I identified as important very along with in my career and then decided you know I’m going to work tirelessly in order to get there. And after every single working day I’d reflect I would get my notepad and pen out and I decide what I’ll l be doing the next day, what I wanted to achieve, what I’ve done well in that day, and it’s amazing as soon as you start reflecting and organising your time and your days, they just go a lot smoother personally. I’m sure some have, have any of you heard of the eighty twenty principal, a couple of head nods. So as soon as you understand how valuable your time is then it’s a lot easier to be more efficient, and so if you haven’t or you don’t really know about the 80/20 rule please looking so I can guarantee you it’s going to help you and save minutes in your day. For example with anyone here was to guess how many minutes we waste in each day procrastinating what would you say? Don’t be shy now. It’s actually 122 minutes of the day is wasted, doing pointless tasks, it might be picking up someone else’s call, it might be been checking your Facebook, it might be going on Instagram. You’ve gotta start realising that it’s your time you’re wasting; you work in a sales role. If you’re working in a sales roles, I’m telling you now, time is money, so start using it wisely.

And then the third one that everyone’s got to do here is simply back yourself. It doesn’t matter what situation you’re in, whether or not you’re completely blagging it, but you’ve got to know that at the end of it, you’ve got to have confidence in your own ability, wherever it is exactly you’re trying to go and I’m sure that every single person here has probably realised that people buy from people, and if you got on the phone with a C-level to decision maker, you’ve been working your ass off trying to get through to you sent him postcards, you’ve sent the pizza with your name underneath the box, you’ve done everything, and then if you actually got to speak with him and you kind of like all shy and timid, you’re never going to get anywhere so job start being comfortable in your own skin you’re not gonna be able to attain their to change that, so you’ve really got to start realising that by simply backing yourself and having your own self-confidence to be able to go out anywhere do anything, then you’re going to start becoming a lot more successful in your careers, and I can talk to all of you but I can only talk for myself, but with all of the sales confidence speeches if you’ve seen anyone any of them on YouTube, you’ll notice that there is like a Magic 3. Find out what things that drive you in your career, first make big old list, it will take a lot of time, for probably a bit frustrating doing over a beer, do it out of core working hours, and then condense them down into three things that you can live by, that you can standby, and I can guarantee you that will help you be more successful in your career thanks very much.

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