7 tips to stay motivated in sales

We all have our good days and bad days. How do you keep that fire burning and stay motivated, no matter what? Here are seven ideas you can try.

Sales is a peculiar profession in that we are judged (and paid) on results. If you don’t sell, you don’t make as much money. You’d think that would be motivation enough to perform, but it doesn’t work like that. Salespeople still have our ups and downs like anyone else. We get knocked down by failures as much as we celebrate our successes. We need to stay motivated, just like everybody else does.

Motivation can only come from within. It’s a fire that burns inside you. Your sales leaders can help with the oxygen, but everything else has to come from you.

Here are seven ideas to stay motivated in sales.

1 — Set your own targets

Don’t use the targets your company gives you as your only motivation. Set your own smaller, personal goals that will help you hit the big ones. Make plans for every day, week and month, ticking off the tasks as you complete them. Marking a job as finished never stops being satisfying.

Having a detailed plan to get to your number will give you confidence. You could even design a personal plan to greatly exceed your target and write your own commission cheque.

2 — Track your activity

When you lose motivation, your output suffers. Sometimes, your productivity can decrease before you even realise there’s a problem. When you track your activity, such as the number of calls or LinkedIn connections you make, you can keep your finger on the pulse.

Tracking can also serve as a motivating factor. If your sales have dropped but you know you’re making the right number of calls, success can’t be far behind. Maybe you can figure out the tweaks you need to get back on top?

3 — Remind yourself of the good times

The constant rejection you receive when as a salesperson can often sap your motivation. After a bad run of results, you feel like a failure; you wonder why you even took the job!

In these situations, remind yourself of why you’re there. Look back at some great deals you did in the past, or calls where the prospect was eating out of your hand. It’s a good idea to get testimonials as you go through your career, just for these times. You did it once; you can do it again.

And when you win, there’s nothing wrong with celebrating.

4 — Don’t let defeats grind you down

Following on from our previous point; don’t let the inevitable bad times define you or control you. Try to treat setbacks as something you can learn from; something you can make sure you handle differently next time.

Everything in sales is an opportunity for feedback, from a customer, from your leader, from your peers. Accept that feedback and use it.

5 — Find inspiration

When you’re feeling a little low, look for something to inspire you. Try talking to a colleague about your situation. You’ll probably come out of it feeling much better.

There are also many brilliant books, videos, articles and podcasts that can bring you sales motivation. Where can you find them? Sales Confidence, of course!

Remember that motivation is infectious, but so is negativity. Try to surround yourself with happy, successful, motivated people. You’ll soon see how their outlook rubs off on you.

6 — Don’t just work

Work is essential, but there’s more to life — much more! If you’re feeling demotivated, why not take a day doing just what you want to do. You’ll soon feel better about life.

Also, as part of your daily routine, look after your health and wellbeing. Eat well, work out, feed your mind.

7 — Help others

Finally, a great way to find your motivation is to help other people better themselves. Why not become a mentor to a new starter in your company? There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing someone else succeed with your help.

Over to you

Those are seven ideas you can try, but I’m sure there are tons more.

What are your tips for staying motivated in your sales role?

What do you do when you’re feeling low to reignite that fire?

Share your tips with the Sales Confidence community by leaving a comment below.

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