7 tips for composing SMS messages that get your prospects interested

Even the humble text message can be a powerful weapon in the right hands. Let’s find out more about the art of writing SMS messages to your prospects.

Every salesperson worth their salt has made a cold call. They’ve spent time composing cold emails and sliding into LinkedIn DMs. Some brave souls even shoot videos to move their prospects along their sales cycle. But what about the SMS message? Have we forgotten about that?

The text message has been around for decades but is underused by salespeople. Maybe they think it’s one step too far when it comes to invading your prospect’s privacy. But when you do it right, you can compose a professional message that helps you stand out from the crowd.

Here are our Sales Confidence tips for great sales SMSs:

1 — Get permission

Put yourself in your prospects shoes for a minute. When you phone beeps, you get all excited, only to find it’s a sales message that you never asked for. You immediately think badly of the company and the person that sent it. Don’t let that happen to you. Ask for consent before you start texting your prospects.

SMS isn’t going to be the first time you make contact with a prospect. It will be part of a larger cadence of touches. So, when you’re talking to them on a call or over the email, check it’s OK to send them a text.

2 — Less is more

No one wants to read War and Peace in a bubble on their phone screen. Keep your SMS messages short and concise. Get to the point, then get out.

3 — Timing is everything

Only send sales texts during work hours. No one wants to be woken up in the night by their phone beeping, only to find it’s from a salesperson. Bear this in mind for your international countries.

4 — Be personal

Copy and pasting a generic message and then texting it is a big no-no. If you’re going to place yourself onto someone’s phone, you must address them directly and give them information that is 100% relevant to them.

5 — Give value

Sales SMSs are about providing value. Make sure you give your prospects something they can use. It could be an offer, or a link to a piece of content they may find interesting, or anything else. Just make it about them, not about yourself!

6 — Have a conversation

SMS shouldn’t be a tool for broadcasting your message to the world. It should be a conversation starter. So, use a call to action to let your prospect know what they should do next. Maybe it’s arranging a meeting or a live call? And if they reply, don’t ignore them, text back an answer ASAP.

7 — Get the message

Don’t be a stalker. Be respectful of your prospect and their time.

You can’t bombard your prospects with hundreds of messages per day until they answer you. You’ll end up in trouble with them, your manager and probably your phone company!

If your prospect asks you not to SMS them again, respect their wishes.

Over to you

Use SMS sparingly. When you get it right, it can cut through the noise. All you need to do is get the balance right and follow our tips.

Now, we want to know what you think. What are your tips for SMS sales success?

Leave us a comment below and let the Sales Confidence community know.

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