Unconventional sales wisdom, shared by Stephen Allott

Unconventional sales wisdom, shared by Stephen Allott

1 – Things change as you get bigger

Don’t always believe the conventional wisdom. Sometimes it’s wrong and sometimes it’s
right. By and large, it depends on what stage you’re at on your journey to scale. Things
change according to how big you are—for example, looking for leads. You start by looking
for ten ideal customers, then as you go, you begin to add marketing into the mix.

2 – Don’t be a puppy dog

Conventional wisdom says founders need to get out and sell as they start, because they’re
the face and the originator. However, when founders sell at the start of the company’s
journey to scale, they often talk about themselves rather than the customer. They go in with
the puppy dog eyes and expect to close deals. Is that what you want?

3 – In team meetings, focus on the team

We’ve all been in meetings where the brutal sales manager terrorises the reps,
concentrating on their individual performance. But instead, focus on building teamwork and
producing better ideas. Mix the best of Chinese and Western philosophies to find the
perfect blend. It makes for a more productive meeting and a happier sales team.
‘Looking for leads is a 3 act drama. First, you search, then you focus on marketing, then you
start to scale.’?’

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