6 ways for AEs to work closer with their SDRs

When SDRs and AEs work together, the whole is bigger than the sum. Doreen Pernel from Box shows us how.

In September 2019, Sales Confidence staged another one of its exclusive live events for individual contributors. We were thrilled to welcome four of London’s rising stars of SaaS sales to speak at our event. Based on their talks, we’ve put together some articles. Even if you couldn’t be with us, you can still get inspired.

Doreen Pernel

Doreen Pernel is the Team Leader for Inside Sales at Box, the platform taking cloud storage to the next level. Over the last eight years, Doreen has managed teams in London, New York and Sydney.

Something that Doreen has pioneered at Box is encouraging greater collaboration between SDRs and AEs.

‘We try to involve our SDRs in the full sales cycle. I would encourage you to do it too if you’re an AE. It helps you get the most from your time. You’ll create a strong pipeline and get a lot of great activity in your territories.’

Great advice. Doreen went on to share six tips for AEs to include SDRs in the sales cycle and work better together.

1 — Get to know each other

It sounds obvious, but it’s true. You know everything about your prospect, but how well do you know your SDRs?

If you haven’t done so already, go and grab a coffee with your SDRs. Get an insight into their personality.

Find out how they like to work and communicate and talk about how you prefer to communicate too.

2 — Set targets together

Be transparent with your SDRs about your targets. Get them to understand what you need to do to hit your targets and their part in the process.

For example, how many meetings do they need to book for you to close a deal? Talk about how a rise in conversion rates can positively affect your figures.

Involve your SDRs in your strategy from the very start.

3 — Be organised

Have a system between you and your SDRs to make sure both sides always know what is happening. The best way to do this is to make sure both sides enter everything into the CRM.

‘You tell me you’ve sent 10,000 emails. You’ve called 20 people today. If I don’t see it in Salesforce, it’s not there.’

4 — Catch up

Have a weekly catch-up meeting with your SDRs to make sure you’re aligned and share information.

Talk about what went well, what didn’t, interesting conversations you may have had.

It will help you and your SDRs understand how the pipeline is flowing.

5 — Share knowledge

As an AE, you should be looking to help your SDRs progress. After all, when you get promoted, it might be one of them taking your role!

Do everything you can to help them. Take them to meetings, show them how you close, give them constructive feedback.

This will strengthen your relationship and your SDRs will appreciate it.

6 — Help them train

Finally, building on the previous point, look for ways you can help your SDRs upskill so they can progress.

At Box, AEs can help SDRs take part in a full-cycle simulation of the sales process, from email to call to pitch.

Over to you

It was great to hear Doreen’s tips on how AEs can collaborate with SDRs. Now I want to know what you think.

If you’re an AE, what do you do to include your SDR in the sales process and prepare them to progress to the next level?

Share your tips with the Sales Confidence community. Leave us a comment below.

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