5 things I saw at Hypergrowth

Earlier this month, Sales Confidence visited Drift’s Hypergrowth conference in London. Here are 5 of the highlights.

I love attending sales industry conferences. They are always fun days out and beneficial to my development. You get to learn from some of the biggest and most successful names in the industry. You get to network with old friends and new from around the industry. You also get to feel like you’re part of something big.

It’s why I started my own conference, #SaaSGrowth, where I take the tried and tested formula and add a few twists to make something special. It was a massive success last year and the second event is happening on July 3rd. It’s already sold out!

In June, I was privileged to attend Hypergrowth, Drift’s event for sales and marketing professionals. It took place by London Bridge on what may have been the wettest day of the year, but inside the venue, the heat was on! Here are 5 things I was thrilled to see at Hypergrowth.

1 — A real-life Olympic hero

While Hypergrowth was aimed at people working in sales and marketing, the speakers were a more eclectic line-up. The event opened with a four-time UK beatboxing champion checking we were all still awake. Then, on came Victoria Pendleton, the double Olympic gold medal-winning cyclist. What a thrill to see a sporting hero in the flesh!

What made Victoria even more interesting is that as well as talking about her career and what motivates her, she spoke at length about mental health. You may know that mental health awareness is something I am obsessed with, so to see someone of Victoria’s status talking openly about her struggles was brilliant.

2 — A marketer’s anatomy (no, not like that!)

Later in the morning, there was a terrific talk from Ryan Deiss who had come over from America to speak at Hypergrowth. Ryan is the Founder and CEO of DigitalMarketer.com, providers of outstanding online courses in marketing skills such as copywriting and PPC advertising.

Ryan talked about the different parts of a marketer’s anatomy and how it links to the skills they need to achieve success.

· Brain — be smart

· Eyes — to see what’s in front of you

· Mouth — words are your tools

· Ears — the best marketers are the best listeners

· Hands — don’t be afraid to get them dirty

· Feet — be fast

· Heart — It’s all about empathy

It was a terrific talk delivered by an engaging speaker, a real highlight of the day.

3 — Two SaaS business legends on one stage

Straight after lunch, we got to see two huge names from the SaaS industry talking to each other, almost as if we were not there. Bryan Halligan, CEO of HubSpot and David Cancel, CEO of Drift, sat down and chewed the fat on a variety of subjects, such as:

· Conversational marketing

· Buyer personas

· Inbound marketing and more

I found the insights the two CEOs shared really impactful, especially when they talked about getting your customers to be your advocates.

‘Word of mouth is the way people buy today. Get your customers to be your channel.’

4 — A real-life Oscar winner

If an Olympic hero wasn’t enough, we also got to hear from a luminary of the entertainment world. Jimmy Chin is a film-maker and professional climber. If you have seen Free Solo, he directed it. It picked up Best Documentary at the 2019 Academy Awards.

Jimmy talked about the value of teamwork, which may sound strange coming from the guy who directed Free Solo, but in reality, no one succeeds alone. When you build a team of people you can trust, who keep their cool during challenging times, there is no limit to what you can achieve.

5 — Something totally new

Drift’s CEO, David Cancel, used Hypergrowth to launch a brand new Drift product, right in front of our eyes. It’s Drift Video, a new way to communicate using video. Video is already the primary method of communication online, predicted to shoot up further in popularity over the next few years.

To create even more of a buzz, David gave away a limited number of free subscriptions to Drift Video. To win these subscriptions, you had to tweet about Drift Video and use all the right hashtags. I got one, so expect some videos from me soon!

It was a really interesting strategy for a launch of a new product. It made everyone there feel like they were truly part of something important. I loved it!

Over to you

So, that was my day at Hypergrowth. I can’t wait for next year’s!

Over to you now. Did you go to Hypergrowth? What did you think?

Are you attending any industry events in the near future? (Please say #SaaSGrowth!)

Let the Sales Confidence community know by leaving a comment below.

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