5 Foundations of a Hypergrowth Sales Machine

5 Foundations of a Hypergrowth Sales Machine

In front of a packed Sales Confidence audience, Chris Ashley from Peak shared what he believes makes SaaS organisations grow at hyper-speed. Let’s find out more. 

In February 2022, we staged another Sales Confidence online event for sales leaders. We had a brilliant line-up of sales leaders sharing their unique insights into the industry. We’ve put some articles together, so even if you couldn’t be there, you can still get inspired.

Chris Ashley

Chris is VP of Sales at Peak – the AI-powered decision intelligence platform. After leaving university, Chris almost joined the police, but law enforcement’s loss was sales’ gain. He has been at Peak since 2019.

Chris has spearheaded massive revenue growth at Peak, creating a sales machine that is the envy of the industry. In his 7-minute talk, Chris shared five essential capabilities that your salespeople need if you are going to achieve hypergrowth.

‘When we successfully stitch these capabilities, we drive greater uplifts in the metrics we want to achieve, like ARR, MRR and ACV.’


1. Exceptional Storytellers

During the first calls and meetings with prospects, you need people who can capture the prospect’s imagination. This is even more essential at an organisation like Peak, where they operate in their own decision intelligence category. 

The best way to grab attention is by telling a story. Stories make you 70% more memorable. 

So, it’s no surprise that Chris always looks to hire exceptional storytellers.


2. Leaders

Further along the sales cycle, in discovery, Peak deploys win teams. Therefore, Chris’ salespeople need to be exceptional leaders that are happy directing cross-functional teams, including pre-sales, data scientists and customer success.

Hypergrowth is no place for a lone wolf.


3. Creators of Clarity

At the business case and proposal building stage, you need someone who can rapidly create clarity with customers. 

When you sell tech that is relatively new in the minds of buyers (such as artificial intelligence), you have to be able to act as a trusted advisor, guiding your prospect through mutual action plans and locking in next steps. 

This can lead to as much as 4X on your win rate and a massive increase in pipeline velocity.


4. Attention to Detail

Throughout the customer journey, top performers maintain an attention to detail and an obsession with the customer. In every interaction, you should be trying to create an exceptional customer experience that will resonate with your buyer.

When you talk to your customers after the sale, they so often cite this attention to detail as the reason why they became customers. It leads to massive uplifts in average order value.


5. Balance of Strategy & Execution

Finally, when you’re striving for hypergrowth, it often feels like you’re building a rocket ship while you’re in flight. So, you need to have a balance onboard of the right people with different strengths.

Some will be specialists in strategy. They’re the people who are great at taking great ideas and working out how to put them into action. Others will be executors, the people on the ground who deliver every time. 


Over to you

I hope Chris’ tips will help you hire and manage your team with more intention. Next stop, hypergrowth! 

Now, we want to know what you think. What do you think makes a hypergrowth sales team? What sets your team apart from everyone else out there? Leave us a comment below and share your story with the Sales Confidence community.

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