4 ways to get more from LinkedIn

You all use LinkedIn, but are you using it to its full potential? Try following these four tips from Sr. Account Director, Nora Lamoudi-Sutcliffe.

In early May 2019, Sales Confidence staged another one of its exclusive live events for individual contributors. We were thrilled to welcome 4 of London’s rising stars of SaaS sales to speak at our event. Based on their talks, we’ve put together some articles. Even if you couldn’t be with us, you can still get inspired.

Nora Lamoudi-Sutcliffe

Introducing Nora. Nora is a Senior Account Director at LinkedIn, working on LinkedIn’s advertising business. She has been at LinkedIn for four years, spending much of that time selling to sales leaders.

Nora’s talk was about using LinkedIn more tactically. It’s a super-powerful tool and most of us are only scratching the surface with what is possible. Here are Nora’s four tips you can use today to get more from LinkedIn.

1 — Use your profile to appeal to your prospects

‘Your profile is the bedrock of everything you do on LinkedIn. It’s the first thing everyone notices. If your profile isn’t optimised and doesn’t speak to your clients, nothing you do on LinkedIn will be successful.’

To build an effective LinkedIn profile, you need to put your ego to one side and think about the person reading it. You need a photo, but you don’t need to go to the expense of a professional photographer if you don’t want to. A natural look on a white background in good light is fine.

Next, your job title. You may have a fancy job title and I’m sure you’re very proud of it, but if it doesn’t communicate to your prospect what you actually do, it’s pointless. Tell them about the value you provide.

‘My job title is Senior Account Director, but outside LinkedIn, that means nothing. So, at the end of my job title, I tag what I do. For me, it’s helping tech marketers find decision-makers on LinkedIn.’

Finally, make it easy for your prospect to contact you, put your email address and phone number on your profile.

2 — Use your network

It’s fun growing a big network on LinkedIn, but are you actually using it?

‘There are 610 million members and counting on LinkedIn. Members on LinkedIn are more engaged than ever. If you’re looking for the buying committee for the deals in your pipeline, those people will be on LinkedIn and they will be engaged. That’s good news for you.’

The people you need to connect with are on LinkedIn, but how do you let them know about you? Use your network.

‘When you search for people on LinkedIn, you can see who knows who in your network. So, if you look for a decision-maker and it shows you have a mutual connection, ask that person for a warm introduction. The worst they can say is no.’

Finally, be smart about building your network.

‘Connect with all the senior leaders in your business. They tend to have the richest and most senior networks.’

3 — Engage with content

Another great thing about LinkedIn is the wealth of content on its platform. You can use this to your advantage:

· Create content to position yourself as an authority in your industry

· Share your company’s marketing content. It shows you know what you’re talking about

· Engage with other people’s content, especially content from prospects, customers and senior leaders

You can also use this tactic to jog a prospect’s memory when a deal has gone off the boil. Commenting on a piece of comment can get you back at the front of their mind.

4 — Find decision-makers

Today, few B2B buying decisions are made by one individual. There is a buying committee with multiple people all having an input on the decision. How can LinkedIn help you influence the buying committee to decide in your favour?

‘LinkedIn is a great place to identify who else might make the decision. Tools like Sales Navigator use algorithms to help you. Look for your prospects, connect with them, see who else is in your network. It will give you intelligence on who else they work with and who else you may want to connect with.’

‘Build relationships. It’s not just the C-Level executives. You’ve got influencers, champions. You’ve also got blockers. They are the people who are the hardest find and hardest to convince.’

LinkedIn is there to help you. Make use of it.

Over to you

It was great to hear Nora’s tips on getting the most from LinkedIn. Now I want to know what you think.

How do you get the most from LinkedIn? Share your tips and hacks with the Sales Confidence community.

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