4 SaaS trailblazers sponsoring #SaaSGrowth2019

We’re proud to be partnering with some of the SaaS industry’s leading lights to bring you London’s No1 SaaS and Sales Leadership event.

We can’t wait for the day to come when all our hard work comes to life. #SaaSGrowth2019 is going to be a terrific event, bringing value to everyone who attends. It will also be a whole lot of fun.

However, none of this would be possible without the help of our fantastic group of sponsors. I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you about what makes them great.

(This is the fourth of four articles on #SaaSGrowth2019 sponsors)

#SaaSGrowth2019 takes place on July 3rd at London’s Here East. It’s London’s No.1 Sales Leadership Conference.

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Kandidate is a leading recruitment platform. It places candidates in their next commercial role (think marketing, sales, ops) and guides them through their startup career at fast-growing, VC-backed companies.

Kandidate also recruits for companies on a large scale, sending team members to work on-site with their clients. This gives them the opportunity to absorb the company culture and find hires who are the best fit.

We’re thrilled to have Kandidate on board as sponsors of #SaaSGrowth2019. What’s more, Kandidate Founder, Alex Van Klaveren, will be presenting from the stage. Make sure you’re there.

Founders Keepers

Founders Keepers is an executive search firm, servicing the requirements of Internet & Technology clients. It focuses on Chairman, NXD, C-Level & VP Roles, exclusively part of the Founders Forum.

The team at Founders Keepers are executive search experts, helping the most ambitious companies in the world, at critical stages of their growth, hire their most impactful digital talent. 

We’re proud to be partnering up with Founders Keepers to bring #SaaSGrowth2019 to life. We hope you’ll come along and meet the team. Who knows, maybe your next move will depend on it?

Ucreate – London Startup Studio

Ucreate are your technical and product co-founders, an alternative to bringing in an outsourced team. Ucreate works cohesively with you on product design and development while assisting your marketing, legal and fundraising efforts. A relationship with Ucreate decreases risk in your venture and increases the probability of you exceeding your business goals.

If you’re looking to turn your idea into a super-successful business, Ucreate is the team to talk to.

It’s great to have Ucreate onboard as sponsors of #SaaSGrowth2019. If you want to meet the team that can kickstart your idea into life, make sure you’re there too.

SNP Communications

SNP Communications is the brainchild of Renn Vara, Silicon Valley’s no1 leadership and communications consultant. Renn is the guy the world’s most successful founders call when they need help articulating their message. From Larry Page and Sergey Brin, to Airbnb’s Brian Chesky, Renn has helped them become the people you know today.

SNP Communications now helps the world’s most interesting companies by making their content clear and delivery memorable. Whatever you’re trying to accomplish, they’ll work with you to ensure it’s something you’re proud of—and something that makes your audience stop and listen.

If you came to SaasGrowth last year, you won’t have forgotten the impact that Renn Vara made when he spoke from our stage. That’s why we’re thrilled to have him back again this year, as well as being able to have SNP Communications as a sponsor. Whatever you do, don’t miss it.

Thanks to these brilliant companies, and all our other sponsors, #SaasGrowth2019 is going to be a day to remember.

#SaaSGrowth2019 takes place on July 3rd at London’s Here East. It’s London’s No.1 Sales Leadership Conference.

If you don’t have your ticket already, don’t be left behind.

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