3 ways to close more of your pipeline

To win more deals in B2B sales, get creative. Here are three ways you can multiply your results.

In September, I was thrilled to speak at Cognism’s Revenue AI event at the Science Museum in London. It’s happening more and more often now on the back of the success of Sales Confidence. I love it.

If you didn’t get to the event, you missed me strutting on to the stage in gold Gucci trainers to the sound of Midas Touch by Midnight Star. You also missed me giving some great tips on how to raise your win rates. Don’t panic though, I’m going to give you a taste of what I talked about in this article.

You don’t close enough deals

On average, salespeople close 22% of the deals in the pipeline. (At the event, I got the 200 people there to stand up, then whittled it down to just 44, 22%.) That’s not good enough.

So, why is that? Is it because you’re not qualifying hard enough. I talk a lot about how qualifying prospects out of your pipeline is as important as qualifying them in. If nothing else, it gives you time in your week back because you’re not wasting time with buyers who won’t buy.

That’s a big factor in it, but I think one of the main reasons salespeople don’t close enough is that they’re failing to adapt to the times. Today, 45% of decision-makers have decided on the product they are going to buy before they speak to a sales professional. They have done all the research and they understand their role and responsibilities better than you.

Also, on average, enterprise deals over $100K take input from 7 individuals in the process. You need to take that into account when you’re selling. Qualify out by the number of people you’re speaking to.

It is possible to sell effectively, even to buyers who have done their research or make decisions by committee. Here are three ways you can close more deals in today’s B2B sales environment.

1 — Multithreading

If you’re in a situation where there are several different people involved in making the decision, engage with all of them. Don’t rely on getting a few onboard; make more connections and have more conversations.

A great way to make a connection is to leverage your senior leaders. Link up the leaders in your organisation to the leaders at your prospect’s company. For example, get your CMO to send a message to the CMO at their company. Make sure you write the message, then wait and see what happens.

2 — Multitouch

So many salespeople give up too early. The best persevere, keeping on trying to make contact even in the face of total silence.

Do not stop educating your buyers with relevant contents and insight, even after you have made the proposal. There is always something more you can do. Vary your channels too. Tech is there to help you with this. There are some great tools out there, such as SalesLoft and LinkedIn, as well as text and email.

It’s all about engagement and enablement.

3 — Multi-engage

My final piece of advice is to 10X your visibility. Always be active where your buyers are, so they can find you with the right content at the right time.

Add everyone involved in your prospect’s buying decision on LinkedIn. When you see one of their posts or articles, don’t just scroll past it. Leave a comment (Likes aren’t good enough anymore!). Show that you are engaged with what they have to say.


At Sales Confidence, we believe it’s all about the mindset. It’s a heightened state of being in mind and body. You have the power to influence, persuade and create trust in what you do and how you do it. Take action; believe to achieve. Back yourself.

I hope you enjoyed my three tips for winning more deals in today’s sales landscape. Now, I want to know what you think. What are your tips for closing a higher percentage of pipeline? Let the Sales Confidence community know by leaving a comment below.

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