3 tips for success at the start of your sales career

Who better to give advice to people at the start of their career than someone who has placed more than 200 candidates in SDR roles? Introducing Alex Tindall from Venatrix.

In April 2019, Sales Confidence staged its first-ever exclusive SDR-only event, in partnership with our friends at Venatrix. More than 100 SDRs crowded into Okta HQ in Farringdon to learn, network and share knowledge. We’ve put together a series of articles based on the talks at this event, so even if you couldn’t be there, you can still share in the knowledge.

Alex Tindall

When it comes to spotting people with the talent to succeed in sales, there are few better than Alex Tindall. Alex is Business Development Manager at Venatrix, experts at matching future sales stars with fast-growing SaaS and tech companies. Venatrix is the go-to destination for SaaS companies looking for talented SDRs.

Alex’s talk was on how to be successful in the workplace, with an emphasis on what you can do at the start of your career to lay a good foundation. He shared with us three tips.

1 — Know your numbers

‘Talk to any top performer. Ask them how well they’re doing. They’ll be able to give you an exact account of where they are, what’s in their pipeline, what’s recently closed. It’s what differentiates people who are good and people who are excellent.’

Salespeople live and die by their numbers. Even at the start of your career, know your numbers and let them drive everything you do.

Know the targets that you are working towards and what you need to do every day, week or month to get there. You’ll find when you break your objectives down, you quickly see how you will meet them.

2 — Be organised

Being organised is something that took Alex a long time to learn, but now it’s paramount to his success.

At the end of each day, Alex reflects on what has happened that day; what went well and what could’ve gone better. He also plans for the day ahead. When you organise your time like this, the day goes a lot more smoothly.

When you’re planning your day, think of the 80:20 rule, that 80% of your value comes from 20% of your actions. Look at how you can organise your day to be more efficient, with less procrastination.

3 — Back yourself

Alex’s final piece of advice was to have confidence in yourself and your ability, even at the start of your sales career.

In sales, confidence is critical, whatever you’re doing. Even as an SDR, when you get on the phone with the big decision-maker you’ve been chasing for weeks, you have to sound like it’s the most normal thing in the world. If you go all shy, you won’t be able to control the conversation.

‘Start being comfortable in your own skin. When you have self-confidence, you can go anywhere and do anything. You’ll start being more successful in your career.’

Over to you

Alex shared three great tips with us. Now, we want to know what you think.

What advice would you give to people at the start of their careers on how to be successful? Or maybe you can share some time management tips, or some methods of building your confidence for those difficult calls?

Let us know in the comments below.

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