3 tips for SDR success

Jack Neicho from SalesLoft told us the three things that make him a successful SDR. How many of them do you do?

Back in August, we staged another of our exclusive SDR only events, in partnership with Venatrix. Every talk at this event was aimed at helping SDRs be as good as they can be, bringing value to the 100+ SDRs in the audience. Based on these talks, we’ve put together some articles. Even if you couldn’t be with us at Venatrix HQ, you can still get inspired.

Jack Neicho

Jack Neicho is an SDR at the London office of SalesLoft. However, that’s only part of the story. Jack was actually the first SDR hire when SalesLoft came to London, one of ten founding members. Before SalesLoft, Jack was an SDR at Perfect Channel and Adthena. At our inaugural Top 50 SDRs in the UK list, Jack finished in the top ten.

It was great to welcome Jack to Sales Confidence, where his talk was titled, ‘3 things that make me a success.’

‘I joined SalesLoft last month. I got handed over 3274 accounts in my name. There’s no way I’m going to be able to do that unless I was working around the clock, which is not going to happen!’

Successful SDRs don’t just work hard; they work smart.

1 — Target and test your personas to make an emotional connection

When you have more than 3000 accounts under your control, you work out early on that you can’t give all of them the same level of service. You have to segment.

Find 100 accounts where you have an opportunity to succeed. These could be companies that already know your product, or accounts that have a small sales team where you can easily get hold of a decision-maker.

Build personas of the people you’re going to be talking to. Who are they? What is keeping them awake at night? How can your product solve their problem and what impact will that make?

When you have an accurate picture of this, you can make an emotional connection with your prospect. It becomes a conversation, not a call.

For Jack, his three personas are:

· VP of Sales

· SDR Manager

· Sales ops manager

While these personas are all salespeople, their needs will be slightly different. That’s where you can stand out from the crowd, by directly addressing those needs.

Always be looking for ways to improve your approaches to all your personas: test and measure. Use LinkedIn before you call a prospect to see if you can find an angle.

2 — Focus blocks

To be a success as an SDR, plan your day and focus on one thing at a time. If you have a certain number of calls you want to make in a day, plan out how you are going to do it. Don’t try to do them sporadically because things will come along and distract you.

Your day plan should allow you to focus on one thing at a time. Jack offered an example:

· 8.30–9.30: Lead gen

· 9.30–10.45: Running cadences (calls, email, LinkedIn etc.)

· 10.45–11.00: Break

Make sure you schedule a break. That’s important.

3 — Always be testing, learning and improving

You will never find the perfect thing. Even if your performance is excellent, you can improve. The best SDRs will always be looking for ways to do better next time.

Two heads are better than once. Sit down with your teammates to discuss what is working for them. Will it work for you?

Test your ideas and measure the results. You will quickly find whether the idea is good or not:

· Test and learn new subject lines for your emails

· Test and learn new persona messaging

· Test and learn overcoming objections

Everything works fine until you find a better way of doing it. Never settle.

Over to you

It was great to have Jack speaking at Sales Confidence. He is a real star of the future. Now, we want to know what you think.

If you’re an SDR, what are your tips for success? What do you do to stand out from the crowd?

Let the Sales Confidence community know with a comment below.

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