10 tips to make working from home work for you


We’re all remote workers at the moment, but it can be a challenge if you’re not used to it. Here are ten tips for staying healthy and productive when you WFH.

So, as I write this, we’re in the middle of the Coronavirus lockdown. Most of us have been told to work from home for the last three weeks to try and control the virus’ spread. For those who were working from home before that, now we have our partners, flatmates and families to contend with. It’s not easy.

At Sales Confidence, we have a lot of team members who work remotely most of the time. We get together for events and occasional meetings, but otherwise, everything we do is at arm’s length. As experienced WFHers, we’ve put together ten tips to help you cope at this unprecedented time. Let’s go.

1 — Structure your day

You will be more productive if you have a preset structure to your day. Otherwise, you can find yourself not working enough, or worse, too much. The good thing is, you can build your structure around your life and habits. Try to work the same number of hours that you would in an office. Set a timer to let you know when it’s time to down tools for the day. But, set your working day your natural rhythm. If you’re an early riser or a night owl, work when you want to work. Just make sure you stick to it.

2 — Have a workspace

Have a place in your home that is where you work. Then, stick to it. If you’ve got room in your home for an office, so much the better. However, you might find yourself on the kitchen table. Working from your bed might sound like fun, but it’s counterproductive when you’re trying to actually switch off.

3 — Prioritise

At the end of each day, set out a to-do list for tomorrow with three priorities. Then, check-in each day to see if you have completed them. At Sales Confidence, we fill in a daily tasks spreadsheet each day with our three priorities. If we haven’t been able to complete them, we write this in our notes. If there is a pattern, we can look into the reason, such as a bottleneck that needs to be addressed.

4 — Use the time you gain for ‘you’

Now you don’t have to commute, what are you going to do with that extra time? My advice is to use it for something that will boost your mood, such as lie-in, exercise, reading, or a proper breakfast.

5 — Exercise

Even when you’re locked down, you must find some time in your day to work out. There are some great home workout videos on YouTube. You could even invest in some equipment.

6 — Take breaks

Make sure you take regular breaks, just like you would in the office. Leave your ‘workspace’ and reset when you feel distracted, realise you’re procrastinating or just finished a heavy task.

7 — Meet with your team

Schedule a weekly meeting with your team to make sure everyone is on the same page. Monday morning is traditional, but you can do it anytime. Ensure that any tasks you talk about in your meeting are assigned to a specific person and given a set deadline. At the following meeting, update the team on the progress of your tasks.

8 — Have fun

Even when you’re WFH, you’re still part of the team. Don’t miss out on the fun parts of working with other people. Teams should still build relationships and enjoy themselves, even when they’re not in an office. Create chat channels on Slack or WhatsApp just for fun, where you can keep up with each other, socialise and share amusing GIFs.

9 — Look after each other

Check-in on the other WFHers in your team to make sure they’re OK. Be supportive and open to help your colleagues when they need you.

10 — Celebrate

Keep celebrating the wins. Even though implementing remote work has caused issues and friction in many businesses, teams are still hitting milestones and winning big. Make sure you recognise this.

Over to you

Whether you’re a WFH newbie because of COVID-19, or an experienced home-worker, follow our tips and you can stay productive and healthy, mentally and physically.

Now, we want to know what you think. What are your tips for working from home success? Share your advice with the Sales Confidence community by leaving a comment below.

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