2019 Top 50 UK SaaS Companies To Work At

The results are in! Here is our list of the Top 50 UK SaaS Companies to Work For, as voted by you.

Where did your company finish?

50. ScreenCloud

Number of employees: 51-100
Investment level: Seed

About: We’re helping companies to realize the potential of the screens around them.

Sales VP: Robert Alves
CEO: Mark McDermott

49. SalesSeek

No of employees: 11–50
Investment round: Seed

About: All-in-one business CRM platform and hub for your customer data.

Sales VP: Tim Hampson
CEO: Qamar Aziz

48. Lead Forensics

No of employees: 51–100
Investment round: n/a

About: B2B Website Analytics & Lead Generation

Sales VP: Alan Lyttle
CEO: Paul Thomas

47. iPresent

Number of employees: 11-50

Investment level: Grant

About: iPresent offers businesses with content creation and distribution services for their marketing campaigns.

Sales VP: Josh Dhaliwal

CEO: Keith Parrish

46. Abobe

No of employees: 10001+

Investment round: IPO

About: Adobe provides digital media and digital marketing solutions.

Sales VP: Paul Harding

CEO: Shantanu Narayen

45. Hootsuite

No of employees :  501–1000

Investment round: Late stage venture

About: Hootsuite is the world’s most widely used platform for managing social media. Over 15 million users, including 800+ of the Fortune 1000.

Sales VP: Vincent Yau

CEO: Ryan Holmes

44. MuleSoft

Number of employees: 1001–5000

Investment round: Acquired by Salesforce for $6.5 billion May 2018

About: MuleSoft is a provider of the leading platform for building application networks.

Sales VP: Marc Fryer

CEO: Simon Parmett

43. Vuture

No of employees: 51–100

Investment round: M&A

About: Multichannel marketing automation technology that brings organisations closer than ever before to clients and prospects.

Sales VP: Jennifer Miller

CEO: David Brady

42. Vizolution

No of employees: 101–250

Investment round: Venture — series unknown

About: Vizolution develops a screen sharing technology for businesses to directly interact with their clients.

Sales VP: Peter Nicol

CEO: Bill Safran

41. Kluster Intelligence

No of employees: 1–10

Investment round: n/a

About: Predictive Sales Analytics  — Utilise big data and machine learning to sell smarter

Sales VP: Rory Brown (Cofounder)

CEO: Dan Thompson

40. Seismic

No of employees: 501-1000

Investment round: Series E

About: Seismic is the leading global sales and marketing enablement solution, improving close rates and delivering larger deals for sales.

Sales VP: Matt Downes

CEO: Doug Winter

39. Seenit

No of employees: 11–50

Investment round: Seed

About: Seenit is an app driven collaborative video production platform.

Sales VP: Luke Trainer-Clark

CEO: Emily Forbes

38. SAP Concur

No of employees: 51–100

Investment round: M&A

About: SAP Concur provides on-demand employee spend management solutions that enable organizations to control their costs.

Sales VP: Dafydd Llewellyn

CEO: n/a

37. Perkbox

No of employees: 251–500

Investment round: Venture – Series Unknown

About: Perkbox is UK’s leading employee and customer engagement platform.

Sales VP: Robert Blackler

CEO: Saurav Chopra

36. PatSnap

No of employees: 251–500

Investment round: Series D

About: PatSnap provides scientists with a new source of information for use during research.

Sales VP: Daniel Gray

CEO: Jeffrey Tiong

35. DocuSign

No of employees: 1001–5000

Investment round: IPO

About: DocuSign helps small and medium-sized businesses collect information, automate data workflows and sign on various devices.

Sales VP: Jacqueline De Gernier

CEO: Dan Springer

34. DueDil

No of employees: 101-250

Investment round: Venture – Series Unknown

About: DueDil is a due diligence tool and free online company database storing information on businesses.

Sales VP: Amy Musk

CEO: Justin Fitzpatrick

33. Qualtrics

No of employees: 1001–5000

Investment round: M&A

About: Qualtrics is a single system of record for all experience data, managing customer, product, employee and brand experiences on one platform.

Sales VP: Ian McVey

CEO: Ryan Smith

32. Domo

No of employees: 501–1000

Investment round: IPO

About: Domo optimizes your business by connecting you to the data, people, and expertise you need to improve business results.

Sales VP: Ian Tickle

CEO: Josh James

31. Onalytica

No of employees: 11–50

Investment round: n/a

About: Onalytica is an information technology services firm that offers influencer relationship management and predictive analytics software.

Sales VP: Tom Wapshott

CEO: Tim Williams

30. Bullhorn

No of employees: 251–500

Investment round: M&A

About: Bullhorn provides cloud-based CRM solutions for companies in business services industries.

Sales VP: Andy Ingham

CEO: Art Papas

29. Slack

No of employees: 1001–5000

Investment round: IPO

About: Slack is an enterprise software platform that allows teams and businesses of all sizes to communicate effectively.

Sales VP: Stuart Templeton

CEO: Stuart Butterfield

28. AppScatter

No of employees: 11–50

Investment round: IPO

About: AppScatter is a B2B SaaS platform that distributes, manages, and monitors mobile apps across multiple app stores worldwide.

Sales VP: Jason Hill

CEO: Philip Marcella

27. Freshworks

Number of employees: 501-1000

Investment level: Series G

About: Freshworks creates solutions for support and sales, to engage with and delight both customers and employees.

Sales VP: George Hackett

CEO: Girish Mathrubootham

26. Medallia

Number of employees: 1001-5000

Investment level: Series F

About: Medallia helps companies win through customer and employee experience.

Sales VP: Paul Turner

CEO: Leslie Stretch

25. BounceX

Number of employees: 101-250

Investment level: Series B

About: BounceX enables clients to transform their web traffic by serving content tailored to different visitor segments.

Sales VP: Rob Massa

CEO: Ryan Urban

24. GoCardless

No of employees: 101–250

Investment round: Series E

About: GoCardless is a payment company that makes collecting payments by direct debit easy for everyone.

VP Sales: Andrew Gilboy

CEO: Hiroki Takeuchi

23. Okta

Number of employees: 501-1000

Investment level: IPO

About: Okta is the leading independent provider of identity for the enterprise.

Sales VP: Jesper Frederiksen

CEO: Todd McKinnon

22. Vonage

Number of employees: 5001-10000

Investment level: IPO

About: Vonage offers VoIP services that enable anyone to make and receive calls from a touch tone telephone by using a broadband connection.

Sales VP: Christopher Jones

CEO: Alan Masarek

21. LinkedIn

No of employees: 1001–5000

Investment round: M&A

About: LinkedIn, a professional networking site, allows its members to create business connections, search for jobs, and find potential clients.

Sales VP: Rebecca Schnauffer

CEO: Jeff Weiner

20. Showpad

Number of employees: 251-500

Investment level: Series D

About: Showpad is the global sales enablement leader

Sales VP: Jim Preston

CEO: Pieterjan Bouten

19. Microsoft

No of employees: 10001+

Investment round: IPO

About: Microsoft is a software corporation that develops, manufactures, licenses, supports, and sells a range of software products and services.

VP Sales: Nicola Hodson

CEO: Satya Nadella

18. Limitless Technology

Number of employees: 11-50

Investment level: Series A

About: Limitless Technology provides crowd powered customer service & AI.

Sales VP: Chris Cole

CEO: Roger Beadle

17. Box

Number of employees: 1001-5000

Investment level: IPO

About: Box is an online file sharing and cloud content management service offering unlimited storage, custom branding, and administrative controls.

Sales VP: Chris Baker

CEO: Aaron Levie

16. Brightpearl

No of employees: 51–100

Investment round: Venture – Series Unknown

About: Brightpearl is the omnichannel retail management system that puts your orders, inventory, financials, POS and CRM in one place.

Sales VP: Stuart Pick

CEO: Derek O’Carroll

15. Sideways 6

No of employees: 11–50

Investment round: Seed

About: Sideways 6 is a platform helping organisations including British Airways and Sainsbury’s to harness the innovative ideas of their employees.

Sales VP: n/a

CEO: Will Read

14. Salesforce

No of employees — 10001+

Investment round: IPO

About: Salesforce is a global cloud computing company that develops CRM solutions and provides business software on a subscription basis.

Sales VP: Sean Mullins

CEO: Mark Benioff

13. Natterbox

Number of employees: 51-100

Investment level: Series A

About: We specialise in cloud based telephony – setting the trend in how businesses use voice to operate and communicate.

Sales VP: Ian Moyse

CEO: Neil Hammerton

12. Peakon

No of employees: 101-250

Investment round: Series B

About: Peakon is a platform for measuring and improving employee engagement.

Sales VP: Neil Ryland

CEO: Phil Chambers

11. Ebsta

No of employees: 51–100

Investment round: n/a

About: Gmail and LinkedIn integration for Salesforce

Sales VP: Oliver Squires

CEO: Guy Rubin

10. Xactly

Number of employees: 501-1000

Investment level: M&A

About: Xactly is a leading provider of enterprise-class, cloud-based, incentive compensation solutions for employee and sales performance management.

Sales VP: Patrick Morton

CEO: Chris Cabrera

You said:

‘Fantastic career progression. Humble office sales culture with huge drive. Great benefits and overall enjoyable day to day life.’

‘Xactly UK grew 111% year-on-year from FY18 to FY19. A very exciting time to be part of this dynamic, fast-moving, motivated team.’

‘The best company to work for. Takes care of the employee on a personal level.’

9. Refract

Number of employees: 11-50

Investment level: Venture – Series Unknown

About: Sales coaching software unlocking better sales conversations, in seconds. Reveal decisive moments, reduce ramp times, close more deals.

Sales VP: Richard Smith

CEO: Kevin Beales

You said:

‘Refract is the best to work for. Refract is a team with right people with right attitude.’

‘Superb team who always create a great working atmosphere. Management team are totally involved, in the office and massively supportive. A company that actually uses their own product – and brilliantly well, putting personal and professional development at the forefront for every employee through coaching. Great location for staff nights out and even the odd trip away. A fast moving, cutting edge product and industry means new ideas and methods are welcomed and embraced. There’s always laughter somewhere in the office. A genuinely top place to work.’

‘Great people and a relaxed but very focused work environment due to the great application and team ethic of everyone involved. Also not to mention the best boss I have ever worked for in CEO Kevin Beales!’

8. Highspot

Number of employees: 101-250

Investment level: Series D

About: Highspot delivers the industry’s most advanced sales enablement tools and software for improving marketing effectiveness and increasing sales.

Sales VP: Richard Langham

CEO: Robert Wahbe

You said:

‘At Highspot we have worked to build a team of top talent who believe in creative collaboration, breaking boundaries and delighting customers. This priority resulted in an environment where we are all inspired to do our best work and a culture that embraces authentic individuality and ignites innovation. Everyone from the CEO down to the newest hire is encouraged to provide ideas and be a part of a cutting edge, disruptive technology. At Highspot we drink our own champagne and we all use our platform to prepare sellers, engage buyers and optimise performance.’

‘An equal opportunity employer that values diversity. They do not discriminate on the basis of age, ancestry, citizenship, colour, ethnicity, family, medical care leave or gender.’

7. NewVoiceMedia

Number of employees: 251-500

Investment level: M&A

About: NewVoiceMedia is a cloud contact centre and inside sales platform designed specifically for Salesforce.

Sales VP: Jeremy Straker

CEO: Alan Masarek

You said:

‘NewvVoiceMedia has provided me with plenty of growth and learning opportunities during my 9 years with the company. We’ve always had a strong leadership team who always communicate openly and frankly. I genuinely believe NVM listens to its employees and always wants to do the right thing for its employees and customers’

‘The people, culture and product’

‘Scaling up business with high growth mentality. Senior leadership very capable and with a clear vision. Great culture based on key Core values that translates into customer and employee success.’

6. Onfido

Number of employees: 101-250

Investment level: Series C

About: The world leading document ID verification & facial biometrics technology. Our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) lets your users verify themselves anywhere.

Sales VP: Jennifer Bers

CEO: Husayn Kassai

You said:

‘Onfido offers an open and friendly environment to all those who want to challenge themselves and achieve more. The wide range of backgrounds and languages are a testament to the level of diversity and acceptance that’s offered in the workplace.’

‘The people at Onfido make the place amazing! Working with smart, intelligent and all round great people makes work a great place to come to everyday and be amongst friends whilst solving problems and scaling.’

‘Onfido is growing really fast but not leaving their people behind. A huge amount of focus and resource is put into career development, the overall culture and ensuring we are a “learning” company. Our technology is constantly evolving and as a results the opportunity is becoming more immense. It’s a fun place to come but also challenging every day!’

5. Ometria

No of employees: 11–50

Investment round: Series A

About: Ometria is a customer insight and marketing automation platform which lets retailers communicate with their customers in a personalised way.

CEO: Ivan Mazour

Sales VP: Peter Crosby

You said:

‘It’s awesome to be here with relentless pursuit of mastery being the driving force.’

‘I love working at Ometria because first of all the people. We have some very supportive, intelligent people in the this office that will always go above and beyond to help you and genuinely care. I like the fact that we have fantastic senior management who really support your growth with the company and help you by setting goals and understanding your potential.’

‘I have worked at 3 other companies and my family own businesses – this is by some distance the best workplace culture I have ever been a part of.’

4. LandInsight

No of employees: 11–50

Investment round: Seed

About: LandInsight is a data startup making a more open land market to empower property developers to build more homes

CEO: Jonny Britton

Sales VP: Ken Norton

You said:

‘LandInsight is a fantastic place to work. Everyone is super passionate about solving the housing crisis and working together to think of innovative solutions to real-life problems. There is a brilliant culture and opportunity to grow and challenge yourself both professionally and personally.’

‘Warm, humble & interesting people, flexible hours, monthly and quarterly socials, knowledge-sharing, fast-growing, recognising achievement, big aspirations.’

‘Fantastic culture of openness and empowerment, impressive growth of the company in such a short space of time, and always promoting and supporting personal and professional growth of individuals from within!’

3. Chattermill

Number of employees: 11-50

Investment level: Seed

About: Chattermill applies cutting edge deep learning to help organizations make sense of their customer experience.

CEO: Mikhail Dubov

You said:

‘Great people, great product! It’s a family atmosphere and there’s a real buzz about the company growth and development. Everyone is involved and making a big impact.’

‘Works at the cutting edge, lots of room for experimentation and creativity, relaxed environment, very flexible in terms of projects.’

‘Not only is the company working with exciting brands, they approach work with no fear of failure. New ideas from any level are listened to, and implemented wherever possible and at a minimum they are trialled. Growth of employees is at the heart of what they do.’

2. Akkroo

No of employees: 11–50

Investment round: M&A

About: A universal, customisable lead capture solution that helps businesses maximise their return on exhibiting at events.

CEO: Chris Wickson

Sales VP: Ben Hartley

You said:

‘This is a great company to work for. Everyone who works here is passionate about what they do. They really care about the solution they are creating for the working world. You are given excellent support and encouragement, they really want you to succeed. I feel that I am given the freedom to work on ideas and projects. The culture is amazing and our Head of People, Laura, has worked really hard to make this a great place to work. From team lunches to away days to monthly allowance for books for independent learning. I love it here.’

‘Amazing culture, great team, huge motivation from everyone to succeed and hit our targets.’

‘The culture of this company really brings it into its own. A very positive, hard-working team all with a common goal. The recent integration by US company Integrate puts the company in an exciting position.’

And the winner is…

1. Cognism

No of employees: 11–50

Investment round: Series B

About: Cognism combines company, people and event data in real-time, so B2B organizations can get lists of leads when they are most likely to buy.

CEO: James Isilay

Sales VP: Nazma Qurban

You said:

‘Great leadership, wonderful vision and beyond excellent atmosphere. Growing like crazy with no signs of slowing down.’

‘Cognism is inclusive from the offset, diverse in its staff and transparent from senior management right through to new starters. Oh, and if you know us, you know we have fun too!’

‘The company values their employees.. Clear progression for the staff, surrounded by intelligent people with a great product to sell. Aside from tangible benefits such as gym membership and pizza, you feel part of a journey. The recruitment process is impeccable and the team extends just beyond standard work, in turn creating a culture of honesty resulting in better outcomes for the business. The Glassdoor reviews are a true reflection of the culture that’s been built and continuing to foster.’

“Congratulations to Cognism and every other company that made it on to our list. It’s great to work in an industry where everyone is so engaged and proud of the companies they work for. Thank you to everyone who voted.”

Can Cognism hold on to their crown in 2019? Only time will tell.